Letterpress Chocolate Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate

We finished the week of Letterpress chocolates with this bar from Honduras.


This bar was unusual. It had a cool sugary aftertaste, like the kind I associate with sugar alcohols like xylitol, or that you can taste in mint candies, but there was no other strong flavor, other than chocolate. I still liked the bar, but not as much as the others this week. Some of my co-workers thought there was a fruity taste, except one guy who thought it tasted like mulch. I am beginning to think that some of my co-workers might not be sane.

I realized before we tried this bar that it was my first ever chocolate bar from Honduras. It is becoming harder and harder to find a single origin chocolate from a country that I have never tasted before, but Dini managed to do it. Thanks Dini, for this bar and for all of the Letterpress bars this week. We traveled around the world tasting single origin chocolates from different countries but made by the same company and with the same percentage of cacao. This week reaffirmed that single origin chocolate really does taste different from regular chocolate and from other single origin chocolates. I love the unique flavor profiles, and my co-workers seem to, too. It was quite a week!


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