Compartés Roses & Rosé

I am angry!

I found the following bar at DeLaurenti in Seattle when I was there a few weeks ago.


Beautiful cover, huh? I thought it was dark chocolate. Why would think that when it says white chocolate right on the cover? Well, I missed that but I saw the 36% cacao in the lower left corner, and so I turned it over.


It says dark chocolate on the back! Right there, next to the $10.99 price tag that I wasted on this awful bar. Yes, it was white chocolate. Well, it was pink, I thought from the rosé wine but it was really just cheap beetroot coloring. There was a small scattering crystallized rose petals, but that didn’t change the fact that this was mainly a white chocolate bar! Not dark chocolate. Not even 36% cacao. All lies.

I hated it.

I offered some to my co-workers, and they disliked it too. Seriously, what a rip off. Hey, Compartés, we’re enemies now.


4 thoughts on “Compartés Roses & Rosé

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