Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Chuao 73%

I got this bar at the now-familiar grocery in Seattle, DeLaurenti.


I loved this label, front and back.


I even removed the outer paper and took a photo of the bare label.


Yes, this bar cost $16.99. I had never heard of the brand, which is Hungarian, but I have heard of Chuao, that famous village in Venezuela where some great chocolate comes from, like Amedei Chuao or even the Chuao brand. So I had high hopes for this bar, and it’s why I spent so much on it.

Look at how dark and pretty the bar was.


I broke it up into pieces and tried one.


So dark. So rich. So fudgey. So chocolatey. I loved it. I ate another piece immediately, letting it melt in my mouth so I could savor it. So good. My co-workers loved it too. Some had seconds, but there wasn’t enough for everyone to do so. I wished I had bought two of these bars.

There wasn’t really any single origin notes, despite this bar being made from beans in one small area of Venezuela. I didn’t mind. This chocolate is fantastic. I would buy another one right now if it was local. I would like to try more from this brand too.


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