Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Porcelana 71%

My publisher came to visit last week, and their creative director Allen M. brought me a Rózsavölgyi chocolate bar from Hungary!


I was really excited to try this bar, since their Chuao bar was amazing, and this was made with Porcelana beans from the same region! And the cover art was just as cool, so I took a picture without the wrapper.


And the bar itself was super pretty!


And the taste? Fantastic! So dark and rich and super chocolatey, like chocolate is supposed to taste. I broke this bar open at the meeting so everyone could try it, and they all agreed it was amazing. It disappeared so quickly I could barely manage to eat three pieces!

Was it as good as the Amedei Porcelana bar? Hard to tell. I would have to do a back to back tasting. In fact, I should do that…

Thanks Allen!


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