Chocolate Habanero Plant

My co-worker Cathy N. brought me this plant to grow, a chocolate habanero plant!


At 500,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), this pepper will be so hot that I am not sure I will be able to eat it. That is a crazy heat level, past anything I have ever tried. I don’t have much of a spice tolerance, so I am a little afraid of this thing.

Despite my reservations, I started growing it, and after a couple of weeks, I am already seeing tiny shoots.


I will post an update when the plant is bearing fruit.

Thanks Cathy!


Chocolatier Blue

My sister-in-law Jennifer gave me these chocolates from Christmas.


The cover was intriguing, but look at these chocolates!


These truffles were beautiful. Seriously, look at them close up.


They looked like gems and stones and other precious things. I wouldn’t have known where to begin, but fortunately there was a guide.


And the guide continued on the back.


I started with the dark chocolate one (of course), but the coffee one was amazing, as was the poached pear. Actually, they were all wonderful, but those three were sublime in their deliciousness. The flavors were so intense! I would liked to have saved some for my chocolate eating meetings, but between Robert and I eating some on Christmas Day and the day after, and me finishing them up later, there were none left.

Thanks Jennifer!

Harmons Peanut Cluster Chocolate

These were another chocolate snack that Jennifer had put out for Christmas.


These were really good too! I love chocolate and peanuts, and sure, the darker the chocolate the better, but these were still quite yummy. The chocolate was pretty good quality, and there were a lot of peanuts in each bite-sized cluster. I am totally digging on this Harmon’s grocery store!

Thanks Jennifer!

Harmons Chocolate Cinnamon Bears

My sister-in-law Jennifer bought this chocolates at a Harmon’s grocery store in Salt Lake City and shared them with Robert and I when we visited for Christmas.


These were surprisingly good! Yes, they were milk chocolate (my guess is about 20% cacao) but the cinnamon bears inside were soft and very cinnamony, and that taste went well with the chocolate. I’d try these again!

Thanks Jennifer!

Private Selection 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Swiss Bar

My co-worker Charlie S. generously donated another chocolate bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


This bar was very good, much better than I expected a Ralph’s grocery store brand to be. It tasted like hot chocolate, if hot chocolate could be distilled down into a bar. Very yummy, very chocolately. Given the holidays were upon us, not many co-workers were present, so people helped themselves to seconds and thirds, and everyone liked this bar.

Thanks Charlie!

Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%

My co-worker Charlie S. donated this bar to the chocolate eating meeting.


This chocolate was fantastic. It exploded  with a deep dark chocolate taste that I normally expect from chocolate that has 80% cacao or more, not from a 71% cacao bar. Everyone loved this bar and wanted seconds.

It turns out I have had this bar before. But since it was so long ago and so good and not under its own heading, I decided to include it again.

Thanks Charlie!

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Commendation Bar

I found this enormous bar at Trader Joe’s before Christmas, and I knew I wanted to take it to work for a chocolate eating meeting.


I don’t know why this is called a Commendation bar, since the back of that label only explained the history of chocolate and how this bar was made.


But did you see the size of this bar? Almost four and a half pounds! And it was 32 servings, each one 330 calories and over 2 ounces! Here is a picture of the bar along with several of the chocolate eating meeting people.


I included several game developers for scale, but then I realized that people might not know the average size of a game developer, so I included a banana for scale to them.

And you know what? This chocolate was pretty good! Much better and richer than I thought it would be and not as sweet as 61% cacao led me to expect. We all hacked off chunks and gnawed at them, but there was still so much left over that we will probably gnaw at it again at another meeting. I might take some home to bake with, and I will probably still have left overs!