Chocolate Milk Magic

A co-worker mentioned these straws that make regular milk into chocolate milk, and I thought he was a crazy person. But lo and behold, I found them at my local Target!


They are regular straws that are filled with lots of little chocolate balls, and each end of the straw is pinched to restrict the flow of liquid to a trickle (I found out why, too).


So I poured a glass of milk to try these out.


First off, it is really hard to suck on these straws. Barely any milk can get through, and when you first start, the milk is not chocolatey at all. I thought I had been ripped off.

But I continued to try, and I found that if I let the milk sit in the straw for a minute or so, my next drink was quite chocolatey. But you can’t drink too much, or it becomes unflavored again. Apparently the little chocolate balls take some time to dissolve. That’s OK. It just means you have to sip to enjoy these things.

I think I will try them with coffee. That would be tasty, and maybe they will dissolve faster!


Trader Jacques’ Chocolate Marbles

I saw on Become Betty’s site that Trader Joe’s had a new truffle pack. I had to get it.


This was a sixteen pack of different flavored truffles.


The flavors were listed on the back (and they are different than the flavors of their Extraordinary Eggs).


I took a close up of the marbles, to show how cool they looked.


I tried the chocolate mousse and coconut flavors, and while they were good, they were WAY too sweet. I think these would have been better as dark chocolate truffles, but for four bucks, what did I expect? My co-workers liked them, though. The other fourteen truffles disappeared quickly.

Thanks Betty!

Wild Ophelia Caramelized Crispy Rice 41% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this bar.


I had not had a Wild Ophelia bar in three years, since I caught them reducing the cacao in some of their bars. This bar was a milk chocolate bar, and 41% cacao is a pretty good percentage for a milk chocolate bar. I liked it, with its nice crispy rice texture, but a dark chocolate version would have had more chocolate flavor. Still, I only tasted half of one square, and my co-workers gobbled up the rest. I think they liked it!

Thanks Brian!

Theo Black Rice Quinoa Crunch 85% Dark Chocolate

My publisher came to visit yesterday, and their creative director Allen M. brought me this Theo bar.


I opened this bar during the meeting (which lasted seven hours, so how was I to resist?), and it was delicious! So dark and bittersweet, with a nice crunch from the crisped rice and quinoa. It was like a super fancy Nestle Crunch bar, only a million times better.

Thanks Allen!

Lindt Cognac

My co-worker Dini M. also gave me this fancy Lindt bar.


The bar consisted of a dozen rectangles of chocolate (like on the cover), each one supposedly filled with a sweetened liquid cognac filling. This particular bar had dried out, so each rectangle was filled with a cognac-flavored sugar crust. But they were still pretty good, and even Lindt milk chocolate is good chocolate. Everyone had fun eating this fancy bar, and we wished we had had monocles and top hats for the true fancy experience.

Thanks Dini!

good & delish Royal Orange Chocolate

My co-worker Dini M. brought in another German chocolate bar of the new brand.


This bar was surprisingly good! I say surprising because first, it was only 57% cacao, but it tasted much darker, almost as dark as their 70% cacao bar. And second, I am not usually a fan of orange pieces in my chocolate, but these were tasty and very orange flavored. So imagine my outrage when I checked the ingredient list and found there are no orange pieces in this bar! They are apple bits flavored with orange juice! What sorcery is this?! I tasted orange pieces! Grrr!!!! At least the almond bits were real.

My co-workers expressed surprise and outrage too, but we ate the bar in record time. Oh well. It really was good.

Thanks Dini!