Intrigue Peppermint Loomi Hibiscus

Robert gave me this unusual bar that he found in Seattle.


This squat little bar was heavy and dense. I unrolled the wrapper for a better look.


Loomi? Those are black limes, used in Persian cooking. Now I was intrigued (pun intended).


The bar itself was thick and dense but soft, like a stick of butter. And the taste? Like dense fudge, like the entire bar was made of truffle. And it was super chocolatey. I could barely discern any peppermint or lime taste, and if there was any hibiscus flavor, I couldn’t taste it at all. But it didn’t matter, because this fudge bar was great on its own. I’d love to try their other flavors!

Thanks Robert!


One thought on “Intrigue Peppermint Loomi Hibiscus

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