Chocolate Milk Magic

A co-worker mentioned these straws that make regular milk into chocolate milk, and I thought he was a crazy person. But lo and behold, I found them at my local Target!


They are regular straws that are filled with lots of little chocolate balls, and each end of the straw is pinched to restrict the flow of liquid to a trickle (I found out why, too).


So I poured a glass of milk to try these out.


First off, it is really hard to suck on these straws. Barely any milk can get through, and when you first start, the milk is not chocolatey at all. I thought I had been ripped off.

But I continued to try, and I found that if I let the milk sit in the straw for a minute or so, my next drink was quite chocolatey. But you can’t drink too much, or it becomes unflavored again. Apparently the little chocolate balls take some time to dissolve. That’s OK. It just means you have to sip to enjoy these things.

I think I will try them with coffee. That would be tasty, and maybe they will dissolve faster!


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