Pierra Marcolini Saveurs Du Monde

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this box of eight single-origin chocolate tablets.


I have had Marcolini chocolate before, both as tablets and a single-origin bar, but never single-origin tablets.Inside, the tablets were marked by country, including one from Cuba, my first ever Cuban chocolate.


Robert and I split each tablet, and they were great! The ones from Madagascar and Ghana were the most chocolatey, with Peru and Brazil being less so, and Cuba and Ecuador were somewhat grainy, as if they had been conched less than the others. I am not sure where the Pierre Marcolini chocolates were from, but they didn’t have any single origin notes to them. All of the tablets were very good though.

Thanks Dini!


Classic Dark Tim Tams

I found genuine, Australian, dark chocolate Tim Tams in my local Target store!


I love how dark they were!


I took these to work to share, and three co-workers did a Tim Tam slam, where you bite off each end of the cookie and drink a liquid through it. You have to then eat the cookie quickly before it turns to mush!

Anthony tried it with hot chocolate, and he didn’t eat the cookie fast enough. He got hot chocolate all over his hoodie. Then Dini tried it with chocolate tequila, and she did it nearly perfectly, but she ended up with chocolate all over her lips and chin! Finally Nick tried it with hot tea, and he wasn’t fast enough and some of the cookie fell back into his tea. Tim Tam Slams are harder to do than they seem!

Barnana Organic Dark Chocolate Chewy Banana Bites

My co-worker Charlie S. let me try some of this chocolate snack.


The bag was full of chocolate-covered dried banana chunks, and they were actually quite good! The chocolate was dark and tasty, and the banana chunks were very banana-flavored. But wow, were they chewy! They stuck to my teeth and took a few minutes to dislodge. Still…I ate another one right away. They were that good!

Thanks Charlie!

Malie Kai Hawaiian Rum Truffles

My co-worker Dini M. gave me these truffles from her recent trip to Hawaii.


Inside the box were eight individually wrapped truffles.


I opened one up, and it looked good.


I have had Malie Kai before, and I wasn’t too fond of it. But these truffles were great! The chocolate was nice and deeply flavored, and the rum was not too strong that it overpowered the chocolate. In fact, I wish all liqueur truffles were like this one. My co-workers loved them too, and the other seven truffles disappeared quickly. Late comers had to settle for some leftover Ferrero Rochers that I had stockpiled.

Thanks Dini!

Madécasse Madagascar 92% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at my local organic grocery store.


This bar was not just single origin, but it was a “bean to bar” chocolate bar, meaning the cacao was grown, harvested, fermented, conched and finally mixed with sugar and poured out as a bar, all in the same country, in this case Madagascar. And at 92% cacao, this bar is mostly chocolate, with just a little sugar mixed in. And wow, what a flavor! The single origin notes really came through, with my co-workers guessing at the particular taste of the note. They guessed a number of different flavors:

  • grapes
  • earth/soil
  • a cherry covered in dirt

I thought it tasted like bright sunshine, which I supposed is a slight metallic taste. That sounds bad, but it isn’t. I really liked this bar, and so did my co-workers. I am going to look for more chocolate from this brand.

Toasted Coconut Superfood Chocolate

I found this bar in my grocery store.


This was an interesting bar. I expected it to be meh, but it was pretty good. The chocolate was deep and rich, and the coconut was crumbled into little bits and spread evenly throughout the bar. My co-workers liked it too, and the only complaint is that this bar is very small. At 1.75 ounces, it is half the size that bars used to be, and even smaller than the little 2 ounce bars that are becoming common.

They make other flavors, so I will try them all.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond With Blood Orange Flavor

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this bar.


I have had Brookside chocolate before, and it makes me feel conflicted, because I like the brand but it is made by Hershey, a terrible chocolate company that also tried to get the government to let it replace cocoa butter with palm oil in chocolate bars. Shame on them!

But still…I liked this bar. The chocolate was pretty good (although there is no cacao percentage anywhere on the label) and it is real chocolate, with cocoa butter. I liked the cranberries and almonds, but I felt the blood orange flavor could have been left out. It added nothing to the bar and only served to mask the chocolate flavor. My co-workers liked the bar, and many tried seconds.

Thanks Dini!