Madécasse Madagascar 92% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at my local organic grocery store.


This bar was not just single origin, but it was a “bean to bar” chocolate bar, meaning the cacao was grown, harvested, fermented, conched and finally mixed with sugar and poured out as a bar, all in the same country, in this case Madagascar. And at 92% cacao, this bar is mostly chocolate, with just a little sugar mixed in. And wow, what a flavor! The single origin notes really came through, with my co-workers guessing at the particular taste of the note. They guessed a number of different flavors:

  • grapes
  • earth/soil
  • a cherry covered in dirt

I thought it tasted like bright sunshine, which I supposed is a slight metallic taste. That sounds bad, but it isn’t. I really liked this bar, and so did my co-workers. I am going to look for more chocolate from this brand.


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