Seleuss Orange Blossom Honey Truffles

Robert brought me some fancy truffles from Seattle.


The box contained six truffles.


Inside was an ostentatious card explaining that the honey was mixed with cream and 49.66% cacao dark chocolate, then covered with a layer of 52% cacao and then 73.73% cacao dark chocolate.


As if those exact cacao percentages weren’t pretentious enough, the card goes on to suggest drink pairings with these truffles. I am not sure what half of those beverages are, but we didn’t have any. So I had some spiced rum with mine.

But wow, after all that explanation, the truffles were phenomenal! The interior ganache was dark but creamy, and it exploded with honey flavor. And the outer shell was just thin enough to bite through easily, but thick enough to impart its own, darker and richer chocolate flavor. And I was impressed that you could actually see both shells. The inner one was not as dark as the outer one. What a crazy truffle, and crazy good!

Thanks Robert!



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