Moho Belizean Coffee Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Leon B. gave me this chocolate bar, which he got from his parents, who took a trip to Belize.

I had never heard of a Moho bar before. I checked the back label.

This bar is not just single origin, but it is made with beans from a single valley in Belize! Wow!

I was eager to try this bar, so I jumped it forward in my queue for the office chocolate eating meeting. And it is a good bar too. I am not sure what the cacao percentage is because the coffee flavor was very strong. Very very strong. It nearly drowned out the chocolate flavor, but I still liked it. My co-workers liked it too, except for that one guy who doesn’t like coffee. He knows who he is.

Thanks Leon! And Leon’s parents!


2 thoughts on “Moho Belizean Coffee Dark Chocolate

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