Cadbury Coco 70% Cacao Dark Bar

I found this bar at a grocery store in Sydney (although it was made in Belgium).

This was a very good bar, very rich and almost fudge-like. It was popular with the chocolate eating meeting group, which was a good thing, because this is my 1,700th bar on the blog! Yes, I have eaten seventeen hundred unique chocolate bars over the last twenty four years. And what a nice bar to celebrate with!


Axe Dark Temptation

Last year I bought this Axe body spray because it smelled like chocolate.

I know, I know…Axe is marketed to teenagers, but this is chocolate we are talking about. I never let the recommended age or gender statements deter me from anything chocolate oriented. And this spray smells pretty good! It is a little sweet smelling when it first goes on, but then it dries down to a warm, musky scent. I like it better than Yacht Man Chocolate and about the same as Demeter Dark Chocolate (although for different reasons).

Last week, I saw the body wash at my grocery store, and I immediately got it to try.

It’s the same scent, a little lighter and maybe less sweet. I used both this morning, and they pair well, although combined they may be a little too strong. Luckily for other people, I am not going out for a while, so I hope it calms down a bit.

Lindt Roasted Hazelnut

I bought this “new” Lindt bar at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

I say “new” in quotes because I had this bar years ago as a Lindt Classic bar, and again in milk chocolate form too. Both were very good, and I wanted to see how this one compared. It was quite good, with a nice dark flavor (much richer than 47% cacao would lead me to believe) and the hazelnuts were chopped and distributed throughout the bar, so each bite had some crunch and flavor from the nuts. I would have preferred a darker chocolate, but still, this was very good.

Oddly, this Swiss bar was made in France and sold in Australia, where I bought it and came back to the United States to share it with my co-workers. This bar had a lot of miles on it!

Coco Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Nicole gave me this bar, which she received from another co-worker Rose, who went on a vacation in Scotland.

I will admit that “haggis spice” doesn’t sound like the most appetizing of flavors, but this bar was pretty good. It was 64% cacao, and the spices were black pepper, nutmeg, clove and allspice, with a little salt thrown in for good measure. You could still taste the chocolate quite well, but the spices made the chocolate taste almost savory, with a ginger-like aftertaste. We all admitted that the flavor was quite good and quite unexpected. Now I kind of want to try haggis!

Thanks Nicole and Rose!

Haigh’s Belize 63% Bar

I found this single origin bar at Haigh’s Chocolate Shop in Sydney.

Last year, I found single origin Ecuador and Dominican Republic bars at the same store. Like those bars, this one was very chocolatey and had its own signature aftertaste, in this case a cherry and citrus flavor that lingered after the chocolate was eaten. I really liked it, and so did my co-workers. I think Haigh’s shines when it makes single origin bars.

Mikado Brusnica

I found this bar at a grocery store near my hotel in Dubrovnik. Its name sounded Japanese but the label said it was made in Croatia.

This bar was delicious! It was very dark with a pronounced chocolate flavor, and the cranberries were dried, minced and spread evenly throughout the bar. Each cranberry bit provided a nice sharp taste of fruit to each bite of the bar. My co-workers really liked it too. I think it is the best chocolate from Croatia I have tried yet!

Cadbury Dark Milk

While I was in Australia, Cadbury released a new dark milk chocolate bar there. They said it was for Mother’s Day, but I knew it was for me.

This bar was delicious! It was 40% cacao, so it was fairly dark and it had a rich chocolate flavor while being super creamy at the same time. I thought it tasted like the inside of a chocolate truffle. A couple of my co-workers thought it had a raisin-like aftertaste, but they are crazy. One co-worker even thought there was a mild chili pepper aftertaste. He is even crazier!

Ignore them and enjoy this bar, if you can find it.