Axe Dark Temptation

Last year I bought this Axe body spray because it smelled like chocolate.

I know, I know…Axe is marketed to teenagers, but this is chocolate we are talking about. I never let the recommended age or gender statements deter me from anything chocolate oriented. And this spray smells pretty good! It is a little sweet smelling when it first goes on, but then it dries down to a warm, musky scent. I like it better than Yacht Man Chocolate and about the same as Demeter Dark Chocolate (although for different reasons).

Last week, I saw the body wash at my grocery store, and I immediately got it to try.

It’s the same scent, a little lighter and maybe less sweet. I used both this morning, and they pair well, although combined they may be a little too strong. Luckily for other people, I am not going out for a while, so I hope it calms down a bit.


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