Indi Ecuador Heirloom Chocolate

Robert took me to visit a new chocolatier, Indi, hidden in the back of Pike Market. It was a small place, but the owners were there and explained everything about their chocolate making. They roasted and conched the beans themselves, and every bar is single origin and 72% cacao. I tried this one first.

OMG! This chocolate was fantastic! It was creamy smooth and super rich tasting, far more deeply chocolatey than 72% cacao. I would have guessed 85%, easily. And it had a wonderful earthy singular note that I found absolutely wonderful. This bar is easily the best chocolate I have had in 2017, and it’s probably in my top 5 of all time and certainly in my top 10.

I wanted to go get another one immediately, but Robert reminded me that I had bought two others, from different countries. Expect those reviews soon.


2 thoughts on “Indi Ecuador Heirloom Chocolate

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