Vobro Frutti di Mare

I found these chocolates on the “free” counter in the kitchen at work, so despite the white chocolate portions, of course I had to try one.

The name “frutti di mare” means mollusk or seafood in Italian, which is strange given that Vobro is a Polish chocolate maker. These pralines were a milk chocolate and white chocolate combination shell surrounding a milk chocolate hazelnut cream filling. I thought it was quite yummy, if a little sweet. A dark chocolate version would be wonderful!

Thanks, anonymous donor.


Dove Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

I found this bag of Dove chocolates at Target while I was shopping for non-chocolate things.

I love seeing Dove branch out into other dark chocolate flavors, or even just seeing them making holiday treats like dark chocolate eggs. And of course, I love dark chocolate and peanut butter, so I had to get these. They are super good too, with very dark smooth chocolate with a dollop of slightly sweet peanut butter inside. I put them in a candy dish on my desk at work and shared over half of them the first day.

I guess I need to go back to Target.

Alter Eco Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

My co-worker Anthony R. gave me this bar.

I have had several  Alter Eco bars, but at 85% cacao, this one was the darkest one yet. And it was very chocolatey, with a deep cacao flavor and a hint of fruity aftertaste, with just a touch of astringent dryness that many high-cacao bars tend to have. My co-workers really liked it and most took seconds.

Thanks Anthony!

Trader Joe’s Super Dark Chocolate

A co-worker Dave W. brought this bar in to a chocolate eating meeting.

I thought I had had this bar before, but I have only had its sibling bar with almonds. This bar was good and quite dark, but I found it be a little dry. I think it tasted better with almonds, for their flavor and crunch, but it still had a nice chocolate flavor. My co-workers liked it too, and many had seconds.

Thanks Dave!

Chocolat ELOT

My co-worker Anthony R. gave me this bar, which his mother brought back from the island of Martinique.

This chocolate was unusual. At 42% cacao, it was very light for a dark chocolate, even lighter than the Choco Latte from Slovenia. But it contained no milk, so it was a dark chocolate, and I think a lot of the remaining 58% was sugar, because the bar was quite gritty and not creamy at all. It reminded me of the kind of chocolate used inside chocolate Easter eggs, the small ones with the candy shells. Some of my co-workers liked it, and some did not. I enjoyed it for being unusual, and for being my first ever taste of chocolate from Martinique!

Thanks Anthony!


Choco Latte

I bought this bar in a grocery store in Croatia in May 2017, but I didn’t get around to eating it until July.

This bar was OK. At 46% cacao, it was not very dark at all, but I did like the profusion of whole hazelnuts, and it was big enough to share at work with everyone having seconds. I just wished it was a little darker. OK, a lot darker.

Interestingly, this was NOT a Croatian bar. It was made in Slovenia, and it’s my second bar from there. The first one was a little odd, being made with pumpkin seed oil, so I would say this bar is a better example of their chocolate.