Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Cinnamon Cayenne & Cherries

My co-worker Matt S. gave me another Endangered Species bar.

This one also had an insert about the species being protected by the money raised by this bar. In this case, it was a tamarin in Brazil.

As for the bar, it was OK. The chocolate was decently dark at 60% cacao, but while I liked the touch of cinnamon and even the dried (but not freeze-dried, which I prefer) cherries, the cayenne pepper masked most of the chocolate flavor of the bar, as it often does when added to chocolate. I don’t understand the infatuation that chocolatiers have with chocolate and heat, but I am over it. It was the “in thing” a decade ago, but they need to let it go. I think this would be a wonderful bar with just the cinnamon and cherries.

Thanks Matt.


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