Zotter Labooko Peru

I found this unusual bar at the high-end grocery store in Pike Market in Seattle.

This bar is made by Zotter, the company that makes the great mousse bar and the good chocolate mint bar. This bar caught my eye with its Latin American version of Prince on the front label. He wanted me to eat this chocolate like it was 1999.

When I opened the package, this card fell out.

Who is this woman telling me how to eat chocolate? She looked like Lucille Ball and the Joker had a baby, whose nose then fell off. And the back side was even more weird.

“Tickle the chocolate with your tongue”? “Feel the aromas”? Who writes this stuff?

Anyway, I discovered the package held two chocolate bars, and even more story.

So while this chocolate is single origin, it is a mix of criollo and white criollo (or Porcelana) beans. I love Porcelana chocolate, so I was grinning as much as crazy Josef there on the right.

And when I folded the package open, there was even more story.

OK, this bar is vegan and organic and fair-trade. So that is why it was so expensive. But is it good?!


This bar had a deep rich chocolate flavor that I really liked. It didn’t have much of a single origin note, possibly because different cacao beans were blended, but it was still very good. I think the addition of the Porcelana beans added some extra chocolate umph! My co-workers liked it but didn’t love it, with some of them thinking it tasted a little off. Maybe the sight of Peruvian Prince on the front cover put them off. Who knows? I liked it.


2 thoughts on “Zotter Labooko Peru

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