MilkBoy Extra Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at CostPlus World Market.

I had never heard of the MilkBoy brand before, and I assumed it was milk chocolate and almost walked by until I saw it was 85% cacao. It was quite good too, tasting very dark but not very astringent and just a bit bitter. My co-workers liked it and had seconds and thirds, since this was a big 100 gram bar. It wasn’t very expensive, and I think it would be good to bake with as well as eat.


McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestives

I found these “cookies” at CostPlus World Market in both milk and dark chocolate versions, so of course I bought the dark ones.

I opened this package at work to find 17 wheat biscuits, each one with one side coated lightly in dark chocolate. The biscuits were not very sweet, and I don’t think the chocolate was very dark, since it looked and tasted light. I would guess 50% cacao, maximum. My co-workers seemed to enjoy them, and there were enough that I had some left over to share the next morning during an impromptu animation meeting.

Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter

My producer Shana B. gave me this bar (actually two!) from Seattle when she was down to see the latest version of my game.

Yes, this is a milk chocolate bar, and yes it is stuffed with a white chocolate filling and some sprinkles, but damn if it didn’t taste just like a yellow cake with buttercream frosting! Very yummy, and my co-workers liked it too, enough for several to eat seconds.

Thanks Shana!

Lake Champlain Raspberries & Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Chris J. brought me this bar back from a trip he took to Vermont.

This was a very good bar. I have had their raspberry truffle bar before, but in this one, the raspberries were dried and crushed and spread throughout the bar, providing a crunch and a tart burst of flavor in every bite. The dark chocolate was 57% cacao, but it was still quite rich, and I could taste it through the raspberry flavor. My co-workers liked this bar too.

Thanks Chris!

Venchi Buono Buonissimo

My co-worker Nicole E. went to London for vacation and returned with this bar.

This Italian dark chocolate bar was very big (at 3.5 ounces) and very dark (at 75% cacao). It was also one the smoothest and least bitter dark chocolate bars I have ever tasted. The flavor was very good too, but at such a high percentage of cacao, I expected a little bit of astringency or bitterness, and there was none. It was smooth and mellow. A very nice bar!

Thanks Nicole!

Loacker Dark-Noir

I found this bar at my grocery store.

I have had this bar before, in mini-form, from my friend Erik E. I thought it was delicious then, and I found the big bar equally yummy. It is a block that breaks into six pieces, each of which I cut in half to share with co-workers. Each piece is a wafer covered in chocolate filling and then covered in 60% cacao dark chocolate. YUM! I could have eaten the whole bar, and since I can get it at my grocery store now, I probably will.

What do I mean, probably? Definitely!

Pacari Rosa Andina

My co-worker Chris J. gave me this bar, which his wife had received from a friend.

I have had Pacari bars before and like those bars, I found this bar unusual. It was a dark 60% cacao bar, with a hint of rose oil added. I thought it was delightful and reminiscent of tea, but my co-workers were not as impressed. One thought it tasted like furniture polish, while another thought it was simply bitter. Well, phooey on them! I liked it!

Thanks Chris!