Trader Joe’s Marbellous Chocolate Bar

I got this bar from the new shelf at Trader Joe’s last weekend.

When I saw this bar, I read “Marbellous” and somehow thought of marshmallow, so I thought it was dark chocolate bar swirled with marshmallow creme. Imagine my shock when I discovered the white stuff was…white chocolate!!! I grinned and bore it and brought the bar to a chocolate eating meeting. And even though the dark chocolate was 55% cacao, the distasteful white chocolate shone through. I really didn’t like this bar, and most of my co-workers didn’t either. I would not buy it again.


2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Marbellous Chocolate Bar

  1. I would definitely buy it! I hope they make it all year round cause my daughter and I would buy it everyday if it was possible! I live in Hawaii so I would have to mail order it.

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