Trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies Filled With Belgian Chocolate

I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s. I went looking for them based on the great review by Brenda at Become Betty.

I think Trader Joe’s sells great chocolate, and their cookies are usually pretty good too. These cookies were great! They were like round Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, but with much more chocolate filling. The filling is darker and more chocolatey too, so I think I like these cookies even more than Milanos. And that is saying a lot, since I grew up addicted to Milano cookies.

Thanks for the tip, Brenda!

p.s. The chocolate in these cookies is from Belgium, but the cookies themselves are baked in the Netherlands, so I marked both countries as the origin for these.


Moser Roth Dark 70% Cocoa

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this second Moser Roth bar.

Unlike their Dark Mint bar, this Moser Roth bar is clearly labeled as 70% dark cacao, and it was very good. It wasn’t single origin so it had no special notes, but it had a clean, deep chocolate flavor. And there was so much of it, over 4 ounces of chocolate, spread over five mini-bars. Of course, we ate them all.

Thanks Dini!

Moser Roth Dark Mint

My co-worker Dini M. found this bar in a local Aldi store.

This bar was unusual in that inside were five smaller bars!

Each of these smaller bars were a little less than an ounce, so I broke each one into three pieces, for a total of 15 pieces of chocolate. That’s a generous amount of chocolate, and it was very tasty too. The chocolate and mint flavors were nice balanced, so that one did not overpower the other. The bar tasted a lot like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie, in fact. I loved it.

This was my first Moser Roth bar, but Dini brought in several more, so expect more reviews.

Thanks Dini!

Zotter For Good Ones

This was the last Austrian bar in the second batch sent to me by my friend Tom D.

You might have guessed why I left this bar for last. It is a white chocolate bar, filled with honey caramel crisps. As any reader of this blog knows, white chocolate is not my first pick of chocolate bars. This one is very high quality though with smooth white chocolate, and the honey caramel was delicious, with a strong clover and cinnamon flavor. I thought the bar overall was too sweet, but one of my co-workers loved it and had three pieces.

Thanks Tom!

Angelina Dark Orange

My co-worker Nicole E. brought me another Angelina bar from Paris.

This bar had 71.4% cacao (just 0.1% less than their regular dark bar) and it contained no milk powder, but it also had chunks of soft candied orange peel throughout. I normally don’t like chocolate and orange flavors together, but this worked. The chocolate was very dark and deeply flavored, and the orange was subtle and not too sweet. I liked it, and so did my co-workers.

Thanks Nicole!

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix

I have always wanted to try Ghirardelli’s brownie mix after eating their fabulous brownie bar, which they claim was inspired by the mix. I finally bought a box.

This mix is considered “double chocolate” because of the use of cocoa and chocolate chips. Since I usually add chocolate chips to my brownies anyway, I just call that a normal brownie. The chips are already mixed in with the rest of the ingredients, so you just have to add water, oil and and an egg, stir, and they are ready to bake!

I made them in a toaster over, because it has been pretty warm in SoCal lately, and I didn’t want my regular oven heating up the house. They turned out pretty good!

Even though I made these for a dinner party, I had to try one to make sure they were ok, right?

They were…not bad. By that I mean, I can make a way better brownie from scratch and I have had better mixes too, but these were good. Not nearly as chocolatey as I would have expected, especially with the chocolate chips, but not bad. I will serve them after dinner with no shame.

Frey Chocobloc Dark Minis

My co-worker Dini M. brought in even more Frey chocolate!

This box contained a dozen individually wrapped chocolates, longer and bigger than their regular dark chocolate ones.

The chocolates themselves were dark chocolate bars with honey-almond-nougat at their base and having a triangular top, similar to a Toblerone. It was good, but the honey flavor tended to overpower the chocolate and also make it quite sweet. I liked it as a treat (in fact, I ate two), but I don’t think I’d eat these regularly.

Thanks Dini!