Timothy Adams Kona Coffee Fig

My co-worker Brian H. brought in another Timothy Adams bar.

When I opened this bar’s wrapper, all I could smell was fig. It was overpowering! Then on my first bite, I tasted mostly coffee, with a hint of fig and very little chocolate. As I ate more, the fig and chocolate flavors grew more prominent, but the chocolate was still mostly lost. While one of my co-workers wished there was more fig, I wished there was more chocolate.

Thanks Brian!


Site Stats 2000

With yesterday’s 2000th post, I thought I would share some of the site’s stats with you, my dear reader.

  • I have been collecting labels since 1993, putting them into scrapbooks along with commentary about how good they were. My very first chocolate label can be seen here.
  • This site was started on January 28, 2012, over six years ago, to take those (now six) scrapbooks and digitize them, and then continue digitally from there.
  • I hit 1,000 posts in January 2015 and posted about it here.
  • As of yesterday (August 29, 2018), 2,000 posts have been made.
  • Over 2,570 photos of chocolate and labels have been posted, for a total size of just over 1 GB.
  • The site has over 68,330 views and over 1,062 comments.
  • The site averages 37 views per day, but on October 25, 2012, there were 953 views, most going to this page of horrible chocolate.
  • The most active day for comments was July 28, 2012, where five comments were made about this chocolate bar.
  • Most entries (1,522, over 76%) are about dark chocolate.
  • Despite my dislike for it, white chocolate has 54 entries (or 2.7% of the total).
  • I have tried 19 different 100% cacao bars. All of them were good, but this one was the best.
  • Most of the entries (950, or 47.6%) are about U.S. chocolate but Japan is #2 with 108 entries (or 5.4%).
  • I posted about my favorite chocolate here.

I hope you enjoy the next 1,000 posts! There is a lot more chocolate out there to try!

Timothy Adams Black Walnut Praline

My co-worker Brian H. brought me this bar from a trip he took to San Jose.

The bar is wrapped up in a cardboard label with a ribbon, like a present. When you open it up, you find the bar and some words of wisdom.

I’m not talking about the words “Treat yourself”, I am talking about “Tell nobody”. I should have kept this bar to myself, but I shared it with my co-workers at a chocolate eating meeting in my office. The bar was white chocolate (you are shocked, I know!), topped with black walnut praline and covered with a 72% dark chocolate. It was quite delicious, and the only change I would make would be to swap out the white chocolate with more dark chocolate. Seriously, dark chocolate goes so well with walnuts that the resulting bar would be phenomenal!

This bar was not only my introduction to Timothy Adams Chocolates in Palo Alto (and don’t worry, I will post more here soon), but this bar is also my 2000th entry on this blog! That’s right, I have eaten and recorded about two thousand chocolates over the last twenty five years. That’s a lot of chocolate, and I will post a stats summary tomorrow.

Thanks Brian!

Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies Treats – Chocolate

My co-worker Dini M. brought me this!

This is a rice krispie treat made with Cocoa Krispies instead of regular Rice Krispies, so it looked like a brown rectangular treat instead of a normal tan one. And it tasted cocoa-esque instead of chocolatey, but it was still quite good. I think I like it better than a regular rice krispie treat!

Thanks Dini!

Merci Chocolates

My co-worker Brian H. brought in this chocolate variety pack.

The back label explained everything the box contained.

The box contained two pieces each of eight different varieties. As it turned out, I had tried the Dark Chocolate Mousse variety before, so I ate the Dark Chocolate Cream one, and it was pretty good. It was dark and creamy, but it had no special notes to talk about. Then, since there were some leftover pieces after my co-workers had some, I tried the Dark Chocolate Marzipan, the only other dark chocolate piece that didn’t have white chocolate too. It was OK. The dark chocolate was good, but the marzipan filling was overly sweet. I heard good things about the Coffee And Cream and Hazelnut Almond varieties from my co-workers, so I will have to try those some day.

Thanks Brian!

Seattle Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in this chocolate bar for us to try.

This bar was very good. The bar had eight pieces, each one a dark chocolate shell filled with a peanut butter filling. It tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but with much better ingredients. Interestingly, it listed white chocolate as its first ingredient, but unless it was mixed in with the peanut filling, I couldn’t tell where it was.

I think I have had this brand before, but they were called Seattle Chocolates, while this one is called Seattle Chocolate. Maybe they are different brands, but they look very similar to me.

Thanks Charlie!

Mast Shake Shack Chocolate

My game’s publisher’s marketing guy, Brian R., brought in a Mast chocolate bar for us to try at the office.

This bar was unusual. It was a 60% cacao bar, labeled as dark chocolate, but they added buttermilk. This made the bar taste tangy, somewhat like their sheep milk bar. I liked it, but it was different. According to Brian, this bar was made in honor of Shake Shack, the burger chain in New York City, so maybe this is what their chocolate shakes taste like.

Thanks Brian!