About Timothy Cain

I have been enjoying chocolate all of my life, but since 1993 I have been keeping the wrappers of new chocolates I have eaten. I also recorded where I got it and what I thought of it. I plan to update this blog frequently with images of those wrappers and my comments on the quality of the chocolate.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Dark Chocolate Crunch

My co-worker Dini M. brought these chocolate snacks by my office today.

These were really good! The pretzels were thinner than normal ones. They were almost pretzel crackers, and despite the rich chocolate coating, they were still wonderfully crispy. The chocolate was good too, nice and dark. We estimated it at 50% cacao or so, and it paired with the salty pretzels very well.

Thanks Dini!


Starbucks Cacao Blended Cold Brew

My co-worker Dini M. brought me this concoction from Starbucks.

This ice-blended drink contains cold brew coffee, cacao, coconut milk, and a fruit purée of bananas, apples and dates. It was delicious! I could not drink it all because I am off of coffee for a while (it’s giving me some digestive issues), but when I start up again, this will be my drink of choice!

Thanks Dini!

Dark Chocolate Wild Berry Mountain Thins

My co-worker Brian H. brought in this big bag of yum to the office.

The bag was full of dark chocolate bark pieces, each one embedded with dried blueberries and raspberries made crunchy with a sugary rice-based shell. These reminded me of blueberry barkTHINS, except these tasted more like blueberry but they were not made with as good chocolate as the barkTHINS. For some reason, I could not taste any raspberry flavor at all, but I still liked them. I ate like five pieces, so did my co-workers.

Thanks Brian!

Moser Roth Dark Orange Almond

We ate the last Moser Roth bar brought in by my co-worker Dini M.

This bar was good but not great. Like their Sea Salt bar, it had a good chocolate flavor but the orange flavor tended to drown it out. The almond slivers were more like almond bits, so they added crunch but no real taste. Still, the bar was pretty good, and all of my co-workers had thirds!

Thanks Dini!

Moser Roth Dark Sea Salt

My co-worker Dini M. brought in more Moser Roth chocolate!

This bar was good. The cacao percentage was not listed, but most of my co-workers thought it was about 60%, and I put it at about 55%. So not as good as my favorite, their 85% cacao bar, but still pretty good. And like all of the Moser Roth bars, there was a lot of it to share, and we all had thirds.

Thanks Dini!

Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy

On the recommendation of a co-worker, I picked up these frozen dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces at Trader Joe’s.

These were wonderful. The box contained about 15-20 pieces, each one anywhere from a quarter to half of a strawberry, coated in a thick layer of pretty good dark chocolate. It was 92 degrees on the day I bought them, so I ate three or four pieces after lunch, and that was a perfect icy and chocolatey dessert for a hot day. I am keeping a box of these in the freezer all summer!

Lazy Dog Donut Holes With Nutella

I was having brunch with my friend Sissie C. at Lazy Dog when I saw these on the menu.

This was not the first time I have seen Nutella-based desserts at restaurants, and of course we got them! And they were delicious! A serving was five donut holes, fresh and hot from the fryer, served with a bowl of melted Nutella to dip them in. So good and so chocolatey…I might have to get these again the next time I am there.