Zachary Thin Mints

I found these at a candy store in Palm Springs.


The name “Thin Mints” made me think of Girl Scout cookies (yum!), and the picture looked like a delicious Peppermint Patty (super yum!). Well, the actual candy was about as big around as a nickel, and it tasted dry and mealy. There was barely any peppermint flavor, and even less chocolate flavor.



Blanxart Dark Chocolate 72% With Apple And Honey

I found this bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This bar looked beautiful. Look at those bits of dried apple!


I wasn’t sure how to break this bar into pieces, and then I flipped it over.


Ah, I can break this bar along these lines! I tried a piece and found it to be…odd. It didn’t taste as dark as I expected from the 72% on the label, and while the apple bits were nice, the honey left a strange aftertaste in my mouth. I shared it with my co-workers, and they agreed it was just an OK bar. I have had two Blanxart bars before, one with almonds and one with cacao nibs, and both were delicious. I guess I don’t like honey in my chocolate. Except for this bar.

Anyway, this chocolate bar was my 1,400th unique chocolate bar. Wow! That only took me twenty-three years to do! That’s over 60 new bars per year, or a new one every week and then some.

Rod.Lindt Fils

I found this huge Lindt bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This bar was a whopping 10.58 ounces, well over half a pound. I put it out for a Friday chocolate eating meeting at work, and even with a dozen co-workers grabbing pieces, I took almost a third of it home with me. I thought it was okay chocolate, certainly not one of Lindt’s best offerings. At only 49% cacao, I can see why I thought it was too sweet and not as chocolatey as I expected. Still, that is four times the cacao than a Hershey bar contains.

It turns out I had this Lindt bar before, in a smaller form, back in 2003. And it was the first Lindt I ever had! I am glad I kept eating this brand!

Chocolates Del Turista Rama Amargo

I found this unusual chocolate at Cost Plus World Market.


“Bitter Twirled Chocolate”?! This label had me at 70% cacao, and the fact that it was the first chocolate I would ever try from Argentina! I could barely believe that I had never had chocolate from that country, but my blog tags did not have Argentina listed.

Inside the box were two large squares of dark chocolate laces, all roped around each other.


I thought the chocolate looked too light in this photo, so I held a piece up to get a better picture.


That’s better! So dark and luscious! The squares broke easily vertically, but it was hard to break them horizontally without them crumbling, but I managed to break both squares into about three dozen pieces. That was a lot, and a good thing too, because my co-workers loved this chocolate! It disappeared quickly and was totally gone in about fifteen minutes. I had to save a piece for someone who was in a meeting!

I loved this chocolate too. It was very rich tasting, almost fudge-like. It reminded me of the Blue Frog Dark Chocolate I had just tried a few days before. I think I will pick up more of it, and I don’t think my co-workers will mind a do-over. It was just that good!


World Market Dark Chocolate With Everything Bark Bar

I found this bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This was a dark chocolate bar from Belgium of unspecified cacao percentage that contained cranberries, cashews, apricots, coconut and, for good measure, chipotle. The fruit was dried and sweetened, and the chipotle was present in such a small amount that you didn’t taste the heat as much as you felt it in your throat when you swallowed. I thought this bar was just OK, but my co-workers said they liked it. However, two hours later, there was still a couple of pieces left, so I think they were just being polite.

World Market Dark Chocolate Wasabi Ginger Sea Salt Bar

I found this unusual bar at CostPlus World Market.


Yuck! This bar was extremely gross! It started with a strong, oily ginger taste, which just barely started to fade when the hot wasabi flavor burst out. In fact, those two flavors were so strong that I couldn’t even taste the chocolate. I checked the ingredient list, and the manufacturer also added habanero pepper, even though that isn’t mentioned on the front of the label. Gross. Most of my co-workers hated this bar, leading to some funny quotes. Matt P. said he was “gently assaulted” by this chocolate, while Connor R. said it was “weird and exciting”. OK, so maybe Connor liked it.

And do you want to know what is the most sad fact about this bar? I have eaten almost this exact same bar, a dark chocolate with wasabi and ginger, from Vosges, and that bar was delicious! So those flavors can meld well, but this World Market bar does not do that, and I would recommend avoiding it.