Jacques Torres 60% Almighty Almond Bar

I ate the last Jacques Torres bar.

Like the pistachio bar, this bar good. Not great, nothing special, just a nice dark chocolate bar with roasted almonds.

In a way, I am kind of glad I am done with these chocolate bars. Not that they were bad, they weren’t. They just weren’t amazing in any way, and I think my personal bar (pun intended) has been raised so that I want really good chocolate bars or nothing at all.

Jacques Torres 60% Wicked

I tried a spiced chocolate from Jacques Torres.

The front label says it is “dark chocolate with a hint of spice”, while the back label says it contains ancho and chipotle chili peppers. There was a slight heat, but I tasted more of a cinnamon taste than any pepper flavors. Some of my co-workers agreed, but some thought the cinnamon flavor was from the peppers. Either way, it was a nice bar.

Jacques Torres Jacques’ Big Daddy Bar

I saw this bar in New York City and I had to buy it!

Here it is without the bow, so you can the whole label.

This bar was a whole kilogram, over two pounds of solid dark chocolate! I shared it with my entire team of 60 people when I got back to California, after a meeting where I shared some very good news about the trip to NYC. Everyone enjoyed it, although I thought that as a dark chocolate, it was just OK. No special notes, and not especially dark (I would guess it was 55 or 60% cacao). Still, what a HUGE bar!