Palm Springs Fudge And Chocolate

I went on a three-day weekend trip to Palm Springs, mainly to float in a pool and do nothing, but I had to go chocolate hunting while I was there. I found a chocolate shop right on the main strip.


I bought some truffles of various sorts, all covered in dark chocolate, and they were good. Nothing that bowled me over, like Cacoa Parlor truffles, but still very good, on par with See’s Candies. I enjoyed them, but I would probably skip this store on my next trip.

Ritual Fleur De Sel 70%

We tried another Ritual bar at work (I am almost out of these, I only bought ten!).


This bar was OK, but it may have been my least favorite Ritual bar yet. Like the John Kelly Sea Salt bar, this bar was too salty! It masked the flavor of the chocolate. I knew something was wrong when co-workers left without having seconds, and an hour later there were still some pieces left over.


Ritual Belize

We ate another Ritual bar at work.


This bar was a 75% cacao, single origin bar from Belize. In fact, it’s from a southern district of Belize called Toledo, not to be confused with the town in Ohio. This makes the bar even more restricted than a single origin country bar, so I expected quite a singular note, and I got one. There was a sour fruit aftertaste, which one of my co-workers thought tasted a bit like a raisin. The label said the bar had notes of dried fig, cherry and tobacco, but I didn’t taste anything like that. Still, everyone liked this bar, and one co-worker commented that every Ritual bar had been really good…and she’s right! I think this brand has been consistently fantastic, something I cannot say for almost any other brand, including Lindt.

Ritual Peru

We ate yet another Ritual bar at work.


Yum, this was a 75% cacao single origin bar, and it was delicious! It was supposed to have floral or herbal notes, but I couldn’t taste any. Instead, there was a quite sour note, followed by a rush of chocolate fudge aftertaste. I liked it, and many of my co-workers did too, although a couple thought the first note was too sour and overwhelmed the chocolate taste.

I cannot wait to try more of these Ritual bars!

Ritual Mid Mountain Blend

We tried another Ritual bar at work.


At 70% cacao, this bar was right in my sweet spot, so even though it was not a single origin bar, I had high hopes for it. And boy, did it come through! This bar was really good, with a nice deep chocolate taste with just a hint of a sour note. The back label said there would be notes of strawberries and graham crackers, but no one could taste those. But everyone liked it and asked for seconds. This time, I made the pieces small enough that some people had thirds.

I had fourths.

Ritual Novo Coffee Bar

I tried another Ritual bar at work.


Wow, this bar was INTENSELY coffee-flavored! Any lesser company would have had the coffee flavor drown out the chocolate, but somehow Ritual managed to allow the coffee flavor to shine thru, and at only 60% cacao no less! The chocolate was not single-origin, but the coffee was! It was from Ethiopia.

My co-workers loved this bar. Many of them asked for seconds, so I broke the pieces into smaller ones and we all tried it again. Yum. So intense and so good.