Lindt Cree A Berne

The last item I bought at the Lindt store in Orange was this huge thing.

This bar was wrapped in the originally designed label from 1899, and the chocolate was made according to Rodolphe Lindt‘s first bittersweet chocolate recipe. Weighing in at 10.5 ounces, this bar was perfect for a “Large Bar Friday” edition of a chocolate eating meeting at work. My co-workers liked it, and I thought it tasted darker than 49% cacao. We ate over half of it, and I tucked the rest away for emergencies.


Lindt Swiss Thins

I found these wafer chocolates at the nearby Lindt store in Orange.

This package contained half a dozen stacks of thin wafers of dark chocolate.

Each wafer was VERY thin, as you can see here.

I liked these, but I didn’t love them. They just didn’t seem as dark or as creamy as I expect from Lindt. Maybe it was because they were only 52% cacao, but I loved the Lindt 50% cacao bar, so maybe that wasn’t it. And despite there being a lot of wafers, thirty or more, and the wafers being very thin, most of my co-workers declined seconds, so I had a lot of them left over.

Oh well. This wasn’t a miss, but it wasn’t a home run like a lot of Lindt chocolate.

Lindt Raspberry Intense

I bought another Lindt bar to try, one that is not new but somehow has missed my attention.

I was not a fan.The bar was only 49% cacao, and there were a lot of freeze-dried raspberry pieces throughout it. It was so tart that the chocolate flavor was completely lost, making it almost like tart raspberries embedded in sweet wax. Oddly, I liked their Intense Pear and Intense Orange offerings, so maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for tartness, or maybe I have completely moved past “low cacao” bars. In any case, I simply wasn’t impressed with this one. There were even leftovers (which almost never happens!), which means my co-workers weren’t fans either.

p.s. I also think it was odd that this bar was called Raspberry Intense, but the others are Intense Pear and Intense Orange (and there is even an Intense Mint). Maybe it was a translation error, since in French this bar would be called “framboise intense”. Oh well, it’s a minor mystery.

Lindt 78% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at the Lindt Chocolate Store near my house. It’s “NEW”, in the sense that they have never released a 78% cacao bar before.

This bar was REALLY good. Lindt somehow manages to make their dark chocolate smooth and creamy despite using no milk, and of course 78% cacao is right in my sweet spot. The bar isn’t too sweet and isn’t too bitter. It was perfect, and my co-workers agreed. Most of us ate two servings.

Lindt Goldhase

A few years ago I tried my first Lindt Gold Bunny, and this year I found them in miniature form.

These were just as good as I expected: very dark and rich chocolate, somehow creamy without having any milk ingredient, and simply melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Each bunny is only 10 grams (or about a third of an ounce).

Unwrapped, they look dark and tempting, and since they are hollow, you can eat several of them at once!

I bought one five-pack to eat by myself, and two more to take to work to share! Happy Easter everyone!

Godiva 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

This is the final purchase I made at the Godiva store.

This bar was very good, probably as good as non-single origin chocolate gets. It was super dark and rich, barely sweet, and somehow still creamy and velvety. I broke it into ten squares at work, but only four co-workers could make the chocolate eating meeting, so everyone had seconds. No one was unhappy about that.

Godiva Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

I also bought some dark chocolate bark at the Godiva store.

This bark was really good. I think I might have liked it better than their single origin bar, despite the fact that the bark had no special notes and didn’t even list a cacao percentage (I would guess it was around 65%). But it was deep and dark and had chocolate striping on top, so it was extra fudgey. I opened it at work and everyone had seconds and thirds, so I think it was a hit.