omNom Nicaragua 73% Dark Chocolate

I found a store in Seattle that sold a whole line of single origin dark chocolate bars from omNom, and I wanted to see if these bars tasted better than their burnt barley bar. I started with their Nicaragua bar.

This bar was very good. It was dark and rich, and its single origin note tasted like figs (thanks to my co-worker Dini M. for that fast and accurate identification). I loved the label too, covered with crocodiles and wrapped in a wolf head logo.

Note: this bar is made in Iceland with cacao from Nicaragua, so I tagged both countries.


More Intrigue Truffle Bites

I returned to Seattle for a long weekend, and Robert and I went to Intrigue Chocolate again for more of their truffle bites.

This time we tried the mocha and the cacao nib flavors. The mocha was just what I expected: dark rich chocolate with a nice roasted coffee flavor. It was delicious. And the cacao nib was fantastic too. A dark chocolate truffle with extra richness from ground cacao nibs. It was super chocolatey.

Honestly, if you are in the downtown Seattle area, you should try some of these truffle bites. They are wonderful.

Brasstown Ecuador Manabi 75%

I found this new (to me, at least) brand of chocolate inside the Intrigue Chocolate shop in Seattle.

This bar was delicious! It was very chocolatety (expected for 75% cacao) and the singular notes were strong! I thought it tasted citrus-like, but my co-workers also noted honey, fruity and metallic notes. Everyone liked it.

I especially loved the INSIDE of the label.

I love old maps, and I also love the sepia style of the artwork. It reminds me of my old game, Arcanum. We used lots of similar art in the manual and the game itself.

I bought two more of these bars, both from different countries, so expect more Brasstown reviews!

Intrigue Rosemary, Blackberry Honey & Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Chocolate

I ate my last Intrigue chocolate bar today.

Like the previous Intrigue bars, this bar had an interesting set of flavors in it. The rosemary stood out the most, adding a savory quality, but its flavor was quite subdued. The salt was similar; it was there but just in a tiny, smoky amount. I could not taste the blackberry honey at all, but I am happy to say that I could still taste the chocolate! I really liked this bar, and my co-workers did too.

This may be the last Intrigue bar in my bag, but I plan to return to Seattle for more!

Intrigue Lavender, Coffee & Long Pepper Chocolate

I tried another Intrigue chocolate at work.

While I will admit that this is an intriguing combination of flavors (see what I did there?), they again overwhelmed the chocolate flavor. Like the Chili-Hibiscus-Cinnamon-Vanilla bar or the Juniper-Lime bar, there was just too much going on. When I bit into the bar, the lavender jumped out immediately, followed by the roasted coffee flavor. Then as I swallowed, there was a bit of heat and that was it. No real chocolate taste appeared at all. I suspect that the coffee masked most of it, and the lavender masked the rest.

That said, I liked this bar’s flavors a lot. I just wish I could taste the chocolate too. Maybe a bar with a higher cacao percentage would do the trick.