Kiva Dark Chocolate Espresso

I tried another bar in the Kiva cannabis chocolate line.

This bar was better than the last one for a couple of reasons. First, the addition of the coffee flavoring made the chocolate seem darker and richer, which is always a good thing. And second, the CBD really takes the edge off the THC, so that experience is much much better too. I don’t want to turn this blog into a CBD soapbox, but wow, this stuff is gold. It reduces pain and inflammation, while promoting sleep and relaxation, all with zero psychoactive effects. It’s like the best kept secret of the medical world.


Kiva Dark Chocolate

In an effort to make sure this blog covers every chocolate bar available, I present the first bar I have tried in the Kiva line of medical cannabis chocolate (and yes, I have a prescription for it).

This bar was surprisingly good. I expected a pronounced earthy flavor from the cannabis, but it was barely there at all, and it complemented the chocolate quite well. It reminded me of single-origin Peruvian bars and their earthy flavor. I would guess this is a 55-65% cacao bar. It wasn’t exceptionally dark, but it did have a strong chocolate flavor.

As for the THC, I didn’t care for it much. Even from a quarter of the bar (15mg THC), the high was quite harsh. I got a bar mixed CBD-THC bar which I expect will be better (and it has espresso beans in it!).