Zotter For Good Ones

This was the last Austrian bar in the second batch sent to me by my friend Tom D.

You might have guessed why I left this bar for last. It is a white chocolate bar, filled with honey caramel crisps. As any reader of this blog knows, white chocolate is not my first pick of chocolate bars. This one is very high quality though with smooth white chocolate, and the honey caramel was delicious, with a strong clover and cinnamon flavor. I thought the bar overall was too sweet, but one of my co-workers loved it and had three pieces.

Thanks Tom!


Angelina Dark Orange

My co-worker Nicole E. brought me another Angelina bar from Paris.

This bar had 71.4% cacao (just 0.1% less than their regular dark bar) and it contained no milk powder, but it also had chunks of soft candied orange peel throughout. I normally don’t like chocolate and orange flavors together, but this worked. The chocolate was very dark and deeply flavored, and the orange was subtle and not too sweet. I liked it, and so did my co-workers.

Thanks Nicole!

Frey Chocobloc Dark Minis

My co-worker Dini M. brought in even more Frey chocolate!

This box contained a dozen individually wrapped chocolates, longer and bigger than their regular dark chocolate ones.

The chocolates themselves were dark chocolate bars with honey-almond-nougat at their base and having a triangular top, similar to a Toblerone. It was good, but the honey flavor tended to overpower the chocolate and also make it quite sweet. I liked it as a treat (in fact, I ate two), but I don’t think I’d eat these regularly.

Thanks Dini!

Angelina Dark Chocolate 71.5% Cacao

My co-worker Nicole E. went to France and England, and she brought back this bar from Paris.

This bar was really good It was very dark and rich and creamy, which is not surprising given that the ingredients listed whole and skim milk powder. I am not sure why that doesn’t make this a milk chocolate bar, or dark milk as the kids say these days, but it doesn’t. And I don’t care, because this bar was very good and easily as chocolatey as any other 70-75% cacao dark chocolate bar I have tried.

Thanks Nicole!

Ocelot Salted Almond Chocolate

My co-worker Leon B. brought this bar back from his trip to London (the bar itself was made in Edinburgh).

What a beautiful cover! I was hoping the chocolate inside was just as good…and it was! The box contained a square slab of 75% cacao dark chocolate, with nine whole salted almonds arranged in a tic-tac-toe pattern. So I broke the bar into nine pieces and called in my co-workers for a taste taste. Everyone agreed that the chocolate was rich and very chocolatey, and the salted almond added more flavor and some crunch as well. Overall, a great bar!

Thanks Leon!

Frey Dark Miniatures

My co-worker Dini M. found some more Frey chocolate!

This box contained about 15 or so individually wrapped Frey chocolates. They were pretty small, as you can see., The box said five of them made one serving. Yeah, maybe for amateurs.

This chocolate was very good, with a good chocolate flavor, but it was lot sweeter than I expected. I wondered if the cacao percentage (which is not listed on the box) is even more than 50% cacao. No matter…the flavor was still quite strong, and my co-workers enjoyed them and had seconds and thirds.

Thanks Dini!

Zotter Labooko Super Dark Milk Chocolate

This was the next Austrian bar sent to me by my friend Tom D.

I know what you are thinking. I was thinking it too.

“What is this milk chocolate crap?”

But friends, this bar was AMAZING.

This bar is 80% cacao chocolate mixed with 20% whole milk (and a little vanilla). And that’s it. No sugar. No oil or nuts or stabilizers or anything. Chocolate. Milk. And it was fantastic.

It was super dark, super rich, super creamy and super good. It was slightly sweet, which I think was coming from the lactose in the whole milk. That just added to its greatness. I loved it. My co-workers loved it. One of my co-workers said, and I am quoting, “This is only technically milk chocolate. I think calling it that only confounds consumer expectations”. Well said.

I broke this bar into twelves pieces, and they were gone very quickly. I think if all milk chocolate was like this, I would be a milk chocolate fan.

Thank you Tom!