80% Chocolate With Cinnamon by Stefan B.

My friend Sissie C. gave me another Stefan B. bar from Iceland to try.

This bar was really good! The cinnamon was subtle, and it made the bar seem darker and more chocolatey than it should have tasted. One of my co-workers even said it tasted like a single origin bar, with a singular note aftertaste.

Thanks Sissie!


85% Chocolate by Stefan B.

My friend Sissie C. also gave me this chocolate from Iceland.

This bar was delicious! The chocolate flavor was deep and rich, as you would expect from an 85% cacao, but there was not a trace of acidity or astringency. It was creamy smooth, in a way that I have only seen Lindt accomplish.

This bar totally makes up for the burnt barley bar! Thanks Sissie!

omNom Black n’ Burnt Barley

My friend Sissie C. went to Iceland and brought me back some chocolate. This was the first bar I tried.

I have never had the omNom brand before. In fact, the only Icelandic chocolate I have ever had has been been from the brand Nói Síríus, and that was mostly dark chocolate (with one milk chocolate exception). Technically, this bar was a white chocolate bar, since it contained 0% cacao. But it did not look like any white chocolate bar I have ever seen.

Why is it so dark? It contains activated charcoal. And lava salt. And deliberately burnt pieces of puffed barley.

How did it taste? Well…I thought it tasted like breakfast cereal that had been toasted, salted and sweetened. Or as one co-worker put it “like a burnt pop tart that you eat because you have nothing else in the house”. And she ate four pieces!

Still, I appreciated trying this bar. It’s one of the most unusual bars in my collection.

Thanks Sissie!

The Ganachery Sleeping Beauty Dark Chocolate

My boss Feargus U. (that’ll keep his identity a secret, huh?) gave me this bar that he got on a trip to France.

This bar was made by Valrhona, with cacao from the Dominican Republic. It was only 65% cacao, but it tasted (and looked) much darker, with a light berry singular note at the end of tasting it. It was quite an amazing little bar, and I plan to sample more from this brand.

Thanks Feargus!

Johnny Doodle Dark Chocolate Salty Fudge Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this crazy bar.

Inside this wrapper was a very big bar of dark chocolate, studded on one side with light tan chunks of “fudge”. I quote the fudge because I really think it was caramel, but the label calls it fudge. Anyway, the chocolate itself was quite sweet (I would guess it was about 55% cacao), so the salty “fudge” chunks helped offset that sweetness. I thought it was OK, but several co-workers loved this bar, and one helped herself to seconds and thirds. So your mileage may vary.

Like Trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies, this bar is made in the Netherlands of chocolate from Belgium. So I just tagged both countries.

Thanks Dini!

Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait

My co-worker Dan H. brought by some Royce Nama Chocolate in a flavor I had not yet tried: pure milk chocolate!

I have had many Royce Nama Chocolate varieties, and they are all good. This one was no exception. Yes, it was milk chocolate, but it was super chocolatey and creamy and delicious, and like all Royce Nama chocolate, it was soft and melted in your mouth. Seriously, if all milk chocolate was like this, I would have no problem with it.

Thanks Dan!

Sheila G’s Thindulgent Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bark

My co-worker Dini M. found this enormous one pound bag of almond bark and brought it to work.

From the maker of Brownie Brittle comes their own version of barkTHINS: the Thindulgent chocolate bark! And they were exactly what I expected: pieces of almonds, coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. How could that go wrong? And yes, they were yummy.

Thanks Dini!