Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bee-Berry Honey Caramel Bar

My co-worker Anthony R. found this bar at the grocery store nearest my house. These bars are new, but I have been going to Trader Joe’s a lot lately instead of the grocery, so I missed finding them.

Yes, the name of the manufacturer is the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, supposedly named after their three children (all of whom are named chocolate?). This bar was quite big and thick, and it was scored into eight pieces, each of which had a gooey soft caramel center surrounded by a thick coating of dark chocolate. It was quite good, and despite not really tasting any blackberry flavor, I loved it. So did my co-workers, except the ninth one who arrived too late to get any of the bar.

I’m going to have to keep my eye open for this brand!

Thanks Anthony!


Big Island Candies Milk and Dark Solid Chocolates

Carrie W., the girlfriend of my co-worker Leon B., went to Hawaii and brought back this box of chocolates for the office chocolate eating meeting.

Inside were sixteen chocolates, eight milk and eight dark chocolate.

I tried both…and I liked both! The dark chocolate ones tasted almost like a brownie, with a distinct baked-good quality to them. And the milk chocolate ones were pretty chocolatey, without any of the cloying flavor found in many milk chocolates (I am looking at you, Hershey). My co-workers loved them, with most people having seconds or even thirds!

Thanks Carrie!

MilkBoy 60% Cocoa with essential Pine Tree Oil

My co-worker Dini M. made us eat this.

OK, this was not so bad. The chocolate itself was kinda nice, but then this flavor crept in, increasing with every bite. This essence of floor cleaner, of toilet cleanser, of Christmas…that was the pine. It wasn’t very strong, but it was there. I thought this bar was OK, and that’s good because I expected it to be hideous. And most of my co-workers just ate one piece, but a couple of them had two.

I have had a MilkBoy dark chocolate bar, with 85% cacao and no pine oil, and I like that better. And I like the name MilkBoy. Take that, SwissMiss!

Thanks Dini!

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs

My co-worker Dini S. brought HUGE box of chocolate liqueurs into the office.

This box was made to celebrate the Year of the Pig (hence the gold pig on the cover) and the inside held a LOT of liqueur bottles.

I have had an Anthon Berg vodka-filled chocolate bottle before, and these were very similar except filled with cognac. They were also quite good, with decent dark chocolate for the bottle and a heady dose of alcohol inside. I had two of them and I was a little buzzed, so being a workday, I stopped there. At least eight co-workers, including a guest programmer from SpaceX, came by to try them, and they all seemed to enjoy the bottles too. It was quite the successful chocolate eating meeting!

Thanks Dini!

omNom Milk Chocolate With Caramel

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in this brightly colored omNom bar!

I liked this bar, and yes, it was milk chocolate! Like their raisin, coffee and rum milk chocolate bar, this bar had a deeply chocolatey milk chocolate. And the caramel was present in little crunchy puffs, so they added a nice texture to the bar. So rock on, omNom! Your milk chocolate is good!

Thanks Charlie!

Icelandic Midnight Sun

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in these treats that a friend of his had brought back from Iceland.

These were made from milk chocolate and caramel and licorice, mixed and covered in a yellow candy shell. I thought they were OK, but the fennel-like flavor of the licorice lingered in your mouth after you swallowed, making me gag a little. My co-workers were not fond of them either, so Charlie grabbed some emergency chocolate for us to eat.

Thanks Charlie.