Pa Big Foot Loves Milk Chocolate

My producer Shana B. brought me this chocolate bar from Seattle.

I loved this label, and the back of the label told the story of Big Foot!

The chocolate was pretty good too, and yes, it was milk chocolate. It had a good chocolate flavor, so I am guessing that the cacao percentage was at least 40%. My co-workers liked this bar too, and it was a big bar so most people had seconds.

Thanks Shana!


Signature Select 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this bar from his local grocery store.

Wow, this bar was really good, far better than any store-brand has any right to be! It was really dark and very chocolatey, with just a hint of sweetness. My co-workers loved it, with one of them saying this bar was as dark as he likes his chocolate (but no more!). Personally, I cannot wait to try other bars from this brand.

Thanks Brian!

Green & Black’s 70% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Brian H. brought me this bar.

I thought I had had their 70% cacao dark chocolate bar, but this one was single origin, from Ghana. While it had a good chocolate flavor, it lacked any single origin notes, and like its sibling bar, it was a little dry, even though there was no evidence of bloom. I think these bars just run dry.

Thanks Brian!

Chocolate Fetish Truffles

My co-worker Anthony R. brought in these truffles from the Chocolate Fetish, a shop in Asheville, North Carolina.

The box had three truffles.

I cut each one in half so I could share them with five other co-workers, and they were soft enough to cut cleanly but firm enough to hold together afterward. I thought these were fantastic, and my co-workers liked them too, but they thought the Biltmore truffles were slightly darker, making these around 65% cacao. I wasn’t so sure, but I liked them both, so I didn’t mind which one was darker.

Thanks Anthony!

Biltmore Truffles

My co-worker Anthony R. brought in these truffles from the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

The box contained seven dark chocolate truffles.

These were delicious! Very dark and deeply chocolate and buttery smooth. I would guess them to be around 70-75% cacao. My co-workers thought they were phenomenal.

Thanks Anthony!

TCHO Toffee + Sea Salt Bar

My co-worker Anthony R. brought in this TCHO bar to try.

At first, I was put off by this bar being milk chocolate, but it turned out to be a dark milk chocolate, with 53% cacao. And it looked and tasted dark, with a deep cacao flavor, with a hint of salt and some crunchy toffee bits. If my co-workers had not been told this was a milk chocolate bar, I think they would have assumed it was dark, since it was THAT good.

Thanks Anthony!