KitKat Hojicha-Roasted Tea

The next KitKat that Brian H. brought was a roasted green tea flavor.

This was an unusual bar. It was very sweet, and the predominant flavor was more grain-like than tea-like, so I thought it came across as a child’s breakfast cereal. Break it into a bowl, pour some milk over it, and watch cartoons!

Thanks Brian!

p.s. I could gave sworn that was a taco in the bottom right corner of the label.


KitKat Chestnut

My co-worker Brian H. brought in my Japanese KitKat’s for us to try.

This was ok. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful. Yes, it was white chocolate but it was not overly sweet, and the chestnut flavor was very mild. I can’t imagine a more inoffensive chocolate. It was like a candy bar designed by a committee. Still, I should mention that one co-worker loved it and asked Brian for extras.

Thanks Brian!

Favarger Précieux Noir Envoutant 85% Cacao

My co-worker Brian H. brought this bar back from a trip to San Francisco.

This bar was quite good. At 86% it was nice and dark, but oddly, yesterday’s 85% bar tasted more chocolatey. Maybe it’s due to different processing methods. I have had this brand once before, and that 62% bar was also lighter in flavor than I expected, but still yummy.

Thanks Brian!

Lauenstein 85% Cacao

My co-worker Nicole E. picked up this bar during a layover in Germany on her way back from a vacation in Greece.

This chocolate was delicious! It was super rich and deeply chocolate flavored, but despite being 85% cacao, it was creamy too and not a bit astringent. This is the best chocolate I have had in months and possibly my favorite bar of the year. And given that I thought their peppercorn bar was just OK, that is saying a LOT for how much I liked this bar.

Thank Nicole!

Lydia’s Dark Chocolate With Halva

My co-worker Nicole E. took a trip to Greece and brought back this bar.

This bar was pretty good! The chocolate was 60% cacao, so it was dark but still sweet. And the halva, which is made from tahini, was fairly tasteless. It was soft and not crunchy, sort of like a marshmallow without any coating. In fact, one co-worker thought halva would make a great “marshmallow replacement”.

Thanks Nicole!

Mieszko Vodka Chocolates

The last chocolate that Sydney W. brought to the picnic that we tried was this Polish chocolate.

Each chocolate was a shell of 61% cacao dark chocolate filled with a vodka-based sweet liquid filling. They were DELICIOUS, and I am not just saying that as a chocolate lover and a vodka lover trying these on a hot June day in a lakeside park in Southern California. I would have enjoyed these in an air-conditioned office too. The mix of bittersweet chocolate and vodka bite was perfect, and if I didn’t need to drive soon after eating one, I would have had several more.

Thanks Sydney!

Darx 75% Cacao Dark Chocolate

The next bar at Sydney W.’s impromptu picnic chocolate eating meeting was this Russian entry.

This bar was good, with a rich chocolate flavor paired with something else…a bitter twang of a flavor I couldn’t identify. It was like a singular note, but this bar was not a single origin bar. The ingredients were hard to decipher in Russian, but there was something about “etherized alcohol” or some such thing. Whatever it was, it made for an interesting flavor!

Thanks Sydney!