Venchi Buono Buonissimo

My co-worker Nicole E. went to London for vacation and returned with this bar.

This Italian dark chocolate bar was very big (at 3.5 ounces) and very dark (at 75% cacao). It was also one the smoothest and least bitter dark chocolate bars I have ever tasted. The flavor was very good too, but at such a high percentage of cacao, I expected a little bit of astringency or bitterness, and there was none. It was smooth and mellow. A very nice bar!

Thanks Nicole!


Pacari Rosa Andina

My co-worker Chris J. gave me this bar, which his wife had received from a friend.

I have had Pacari bars before and like those bars, I found this bar unusual. It was a dark 60% cacao bar, with a hint of rose oil added. I thought it was delightful and reminiscent of tea, but my co-workers were not as impressed. One thought it tasted like furniture polish, while another thought it was simply bitter. Well, phooey on them! I liked it!

Thanks Chris!

Fail Cake

I found a cake on the kitchen counter at work. No note about who made it. Just decorated like this.

It was a chocolate cake, so of course I was going to eat some. And it was good too. Very moist and chocolatey, with a soft almost-pudding like consistency in the center. I wished I had had a big glass of milk with this cake.

Thanks mysterious cake baker!

Baked Sweet + Salty Brownie

The final brownie in the package from Baked that my friend Tiff C. sent me.

This brownie was amazing! It was super gooey, almost wet, which made it seem very dark and very chocolatey. Chunks of salt crystals throughout the brownie accented that chocolate flavor even more, plus added that salt tang that is so popular in chocolate bars these days. This brownie is certainly tied with their Deep Dark Brownie for #1.

Thanks Tiff!

Baked Brown Sugar Blondie

I tried another Baked brownie. This time it was a brown sugar blondie.

I almost didn’t put this brownie on here, since I didn’t think it was chocolate. But it had dark chocolate chips in it, as well as walnuts, and it was quite tasty. Compared to yesterday’s dark brownie, I found this blondie to be overly sweet, but it was still delicious. And very moist and chewy like their dark brownie. I had to drink a tall glass of milk with it to wash it all down.

Thanks Tiff!

Mint Dark Chocolate M&M’s

My co-worker Dini M. found these dark mint M&M’s for us to try.

These were really good and VERY minty! Compared to the dark chocolate M&M’s and even regular M&M’s in general, these mint ones were bigger and contained more chocolate, so since the bag is filled by weight, there are less M&M’s in each bag. Also, the mint flavor overwhelmed the chocolate in these candies, so I couldn’t really tell that these were dark rather than milk chocolate. Still, they were very good, and even though Dini brought three bags, they all disappeared.

Thanks Dini!