Grazioso Maître Truffout

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this Polish chocolate that she bought at an Italian grocery.

This package contained eight sticks of dark chocolate, each one filled with a whipped chocolate filling flavored with espresso. The sticks were fairly sweet, and the dark chocolate was just 50% cacao, but these were still pretty good little bars. I am sucker for coffee mixed with chocolate.

Thanks Dini!


Raley’s Purely Made Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in another Raley bar.

Again, this was a very good bar. Nice deep chocolatey flavor, and crushed almonds that are evenly distributed throughout the bar. And they were not kidding when they said those almonds are salty. I needed some water after two pieces!

There are more Raley bars to come!

Thanks Dini!

Raley’s Purely Made 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this chocolate bar that she found in a grocery store in Northern California.

This bar was delicious! It was quite rich tasting, more so than I expected, even for 72% cacao (which they spell “cocoa”). It was also very creamy, like Lindt manages to do with their dark chocolate. I shared it with my co-workers, but I ate four pieces since it was so yummy. And Dini brought more flavors of this brand, so expect more reviews!

Thanks Dini!

365 Holiday S’Mores Dark Chocolate Bark

My co-worker Anthony R. brought this bag of chocolate bark to a chocolate eating meeting.

These were delicious…WAY more delicious than I expected. I mean, I like bark, especially almond bark, but this was just a store brand with marshmallows and graham cracker bits. But the chocolate was very dark and deep, and the marshmallows were small and not overly sweet, and the graham crackers provided a wonderful crunch (plus, I love dark chocolate covered graham crackers). All in all, these were a fantastic combo!

Thanks Anthony!

p.s Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. readers!!!!

Milkita Chocolate Shake Candy

My co-worker Anthony R. left this on my desk.

Inside was a little chocolate caramel, slightly smaller than a LifeSaver candy.

It was interesting. It was a soft, sticky caramel with chocolate notes, and as you sucked on it, there was an occasional powdery cocoa texture revealed. And for a caramel, it wasn’t overly sweet either. I liked it.

Thanks Anthony!