Tillamook Tcho Double Dark Chocolate Gelato

Speaking of Tcho, my co-worker Charlie S. gave me this pint of ice cream, which I took home and ate that evening with the living room lights off and blinds closed, so my diet didn’t know about it.

This gelato is phenomenally good! It was made with 70% cacao dark chocolate, so it is probably the richest gelato I have ever had. There was also dark fudge rippled throughout the gelato and dark chocolate pieces on top, so it was even extra chocolatey. It felt so decadent to eat this entire container by myself in one sitting…and it also felt so right.

Thanks Charlie!


Tcho Chocolate + Wine Pairing Party-In-A-Box

My sister-in-law gave me this box of Tcho chocolate tablets for Christmas. It was meant for pairing with wine, but I took it to work and shared it at a chocolate eating meeting.

Inside were six different Tcho chocolate tablets, in stacks of five each, along with some wine pairing pamphlets and a booklet.

The booklet explained what each chocolate was. I had had the Ecuador tablet and Ghana tablet before, individually. The other four I had had in a box of Tcho chocolates from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Bay Area.

All of these Tcho tablets were very good, Needless to say, I liked the Ghana dark chocolate the best, for its extra fudgy notes, but the Ecuador and Madagascar tablets were very close runners up. Then the Peru tablet was third, followed by the two dark milk tablets. Based on the order the extra tablets were eaten by my co-workers, they agreed with me (although Madagascar slightly edged out Ecuador).

Japanese Matcha Chocolate

My producer Shana B. went to Japan over Christmas break, and she brought me back a box of Japanese matcha chocolate that she bought while exploring Mount Fuji.

Inside were fifteen individually wrapped tablets of matcha-infused white chocolate.

An individual tablet looked like a little Mount Fuji.

Each tablet tasted intensely like matcha, a green tea drink that is usually served cold. I love it and loved these tablets (yes, these white chocolate tablets), even though they were much sweeter than I would have expected from a Japanese candy. My co-workers loved them too, and they disappeared very quickly.

Thanks Shana!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bittersweet Chocolate Nocturne

My friend Sissie C. brought me this chocolate bar from Canada.

First off, wow, this was a great chocolate bar! Despite being really high in cacao, at 91%, it was smooth and creamy, like a bar in the 70-80% range. And second, wow, this is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? I have had dark bars from them, and they have been exceedingly average and plain. Not this one! It was a HUGE hit with my co-workers at the daily chocolate eating meeting, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks Sissie!

Jcoco Edamame Sea Salt In Milk Chocolate

This was the last Jcoco bar brought from Seattle by my producer Shana B.

This bar was very tasty. The edamame was just roasted and salted soybeans, so the bar kind of tasted like a fancier Mr. Goodbar, with better chocolate. Of course, the whole bar would be better if they had used a nice dark chocolate, at 70% cacao or higher, but it was still good for what it was.

Thanks Shana!

Taza 85% Dark Chocolate Mexicano

The next day I tried an even darker Taza Chocolate Mexicano, also from my co-worker Cathy N. This one was 85% cacao, as opposed to yesterday’s 70% cacao.

I liked this chocolate a lot (or course, it was 85% cacao!) but it was VERY gritty, even grittier than the 70% one. It was almost too much to bear, and I had to drink a lot of water afterwards. I would love to try a non-stone ground version of this chocolate, tempered to a mellow smoothness.

Thanks Cathy!

Taza 70% Dark Chocolate Mexicano

My co-worker Cathy N. brought this chocolate for an eating meeting at the office.

This chocolate had only two ingredients, organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar. It was very good. There were two chocolate pucks, and each one was nice and dark, if a bit gritty from the crystallized sugar. I have had a Taza Mexican chocolate puck before, one with chipotle chili, but I liked this one better. It was pure, unadulterated chocolate goodness.

Thanks Cathy!