Coco Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Nicole gave me this bar, which she received from another co-worker Rose, who went on a vacation in Scotland.

I will admit that “haggis spice” doesn’t sound like the most appetizing of flavors, but this bar was pretty good. It was 64% cacao, and the spices were black pepper, nutmeg, clove and allspice, with a little salt thrown in for good measure. You could still taste the chocolate quite well, but the spices made the chocolate taste almost savory, with a ginger-like aftertaste. We all admitted that the flavor was quite good and quite unexpected. Now I kind of want to try haggis!

Thanks Nicole and Rose!

Guylian Chocolate Mousse Cake

The night before the Sydney conference began, I went to a speaker event in downtown Sydney on the Circular Quay, and two friends I had met at the conference last year came by and brought me a mousse cake from Guylian.

Let’s take a closer look.

The cake had a sponge base with a chocolate mousse filling, was covered in dark ganache, and finally striped with white chocolate. And yum, it was good! And so rich that I would have had trouble finishing it, but my friends helped.

Thanks Lee and Sanita!


Lufthansa Milk Chocolate Tablet

I attended a conference in Croatia last week, and on the return flight, I was given this milk chocolate tablet before we landed in Dulles.

It was a small bar, only 10 grams, but it was quite good. I checked the label, and it was made in Germany and, despite being milk chocolate, it contained 30% cacao. That is three times the cacao in a Hershey bar. Go Lufthansa!

p.s. While I was at the conference, I won a Lifetime Achievement award for my work in the video game industry. This is the first industry award I have ever received!

p.p.s. Expect to see some Croatian chocolate reviews on here soon!

Vosges Black Salt Bar

My co-worker Matt S. gave me this Vosges bar to try.

This bar reminded me of their pink sea salt bar, only that one was only 70% cacao and this one is 72%. Otherwise, it tasted exactly the same. Black salt or pink salt, it was really delicious. The caramel was super gooey and oozed everywhere when I tried to cut it into squares. Luckily my co-workers don’t mind sticky fingers and they ate it all up.

Thanks Matt!

Moho Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs

My co-worker Leon B. gave me another bar from his parent’s trip to Belize.

Like their coffee bar, this bar was very good, but without the coffee flavoring, I could really taste the singular note of this chocolate, made with beans from a single valley in Belize. It was a surprising note, very tangy, almost like there was a bit of vinegar or sour cream in the chocolate. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it, and I liked it! So did my co-workers!

Thanks Leon and Leon parents!