Baron Dark Chocolate With Orange & Almonds

This was the last Baron bar from my co-worker Charlie S.

I liked this bar. The chocolate was pretty dark, the almond bits were crunchy, and the orange bits were crunchy, sweet and tart. The whole thing came together well, but I wish they had used 70% cacao like in their pomegranate bar, and not just 50%. It would have given the bar more of a chocolate taste.

Thanks Charlie!


Private Selection 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Almond Blueberry Swiss Bar

My co-worker Charlie S. brought this bar in for a chocolate eating meeting.

He found this bar at a local grocery store as a house brand, but it is really from Switzerland. He had brought in the plain dark bar as well as a cranberry orange honey bar, both of which I liked, so I expected to like this one too, and I did, and so did my co-workers. It had a nice crunch from the almonds, but it didn’t taste as dark as the other bars, which I suspect was caused by the very sweet “blueberry granules”, which were basically blueberry-flavored sugar crystals. Still, it was very good for a grocery store house brand!

Thanks Charlie!

Jcoco Bali Sea Salt Toffee In Milk Chocolate

My publishing producer Shana B. also gave me this bar!

This was pretty good for milk chocolate. It was salty with little sweet crunchy bits of toffee. The chocolate flavor was a bit overpowered, though. I think a dark chocolate (like the last bar) would have worked better for the salt and toffee, but my co-workers really liked it.

Thanks Shana!

Jcoco Arabica Cherry Espresso In Dark Chocolate

My publishing producer Shana B. gave me this chocolate from Seattle.

I have only had one Jcoco bar before, and it was really good, so I had high hopes for this one. And it was delicious! Surprisingly it was not cherry fruit flavored, but instead had a light coffee taste, because it was made with coffee flour made from the fruit part of the coffee plant called the cherry. I shared it with my co-workers, and they really liked it too.

Thanks Shana!

Hotel Chocolat Boo! Caramel

My world-traveling friend Lucy sent me these caramels from Hotel Chocolat just in time for Halloween.

Normally I wouldn’t review caramels, but these were so good and also from the Hotel Chocolat that I decided to make an exception. They were not overly sweet and quite soft, although they did arrive in the mail on a day where the temperature reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so that may have contributed to their softness. I am really beginning to like this brand, which is convincing me to like caramel and milk chocolate!

Thanks Lucy!

Baron Dark Chocolate With Pomegranate

My co-worker Charlie S. gave me another Baron bar!

OK, this is what I am talking about! This Baron bar was 70% cacao, but unlike their base dark bar, this one was riddled with freeze-fried pomegranate, which I love, making this bar delicious! The bittersweet chocolate was nicely offset by the tart and sweet pomegranate bits, and there were lots of them in the bar. I just wish more chocolate-pomegranate bars existed. It is an underused fruit!

Thanks Charlie!