Dove Dark Chocolate Pumpkins

I found these at Target and picked them up for the chocolate eating meeting at work.

I was a little disappointed.

I thought these would be pumpkin spice flavored, or at least pumpkin shaped. But they were just regular Dove chocolate squares in new wrappers. So they were good, but not what I expected.

Also, inside each wrapper was an “inspiring message”. Harumph. Mine said “who said fun was just for children?”. Um, no one. My co-workers got messages like “chocolate is a fall color”, “what’s in your potion?”, and “this is a not a wrapper, it’s a costume”.

How droll.


Guinness Truffle Chocolate

I found this bar at a local grocery store.

This bar was very good. It was dark chocolate with a white creamy whiskey-flavored center. It was not as good as their plain dark chocolate bar (with butter), but it was still up there! Only 4 people came to the meeting, so we all had seconds and thirds!

barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Cherry With Granola Crunch

I found these at Target. I almost didn’t get them, thinking they were barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Blueberry With Quinoa Crunch, but they were not. But you must admit to a color-blind person, the bags and the titles look really similar.

These were…good. Not great. I really liked the taste of chocolate and granola, but the cherries made them too sweet. I had several pieces, and one piece had no cherry flavor, which made me wish the whole bag was like that. My co-workers concurred, but we all ate three or four pieces each, so we obviously liked them. They just weren’t great.

ExtraMile Milk Chocolate Sweet Salted Caramel Center

At the same gas station that I found yesterday’s dark mint bar, I found this milk chocolate caramel bar.

While it was a pretty standard milk chocolate, this bar was good enough that I actually ate two pieces (and then I gave the rest to Robert, who loved it). The bar was ten pieces, each one with a soft, salty caramel center. It was better than 80% of the milk chocolate that I have eaten, and for a one-dollar gas station bar, that’s pretty incredible.

ExtraMile Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch

I found this bar in a gas station in Bellevue, Washington.

Wow, this bar was WAY better than any one-dollar gas station chocolate bar has any right to be. Not only was it nicely dark and chocolatey, it was filled with mint cookie crumbles, making it taste almost exactly like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. For a buck, I wish I had bought more of these!

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix

I have always wanted to try Ghirardelli’s brownie mix after eating their fabulous brownie bar, which they claim was inspired by the mix. I finally bought a box.

This mix is considered “double chocolate” because of the use of cocoa and chocolate chips. Since I usually add chocolate chips to my brownies anyway, I just call that a normal brownie. The chips are already mixed in with the rest of the ingredients, so you just have to add water, oil and and an egg, stir, and they are ready to bake!

I made them in a toaster over, because it has been pretty warm in SoCal lately, and I didn’t want my regular oven heating up the house. They turned out pretty good!

Even though I made these for a dinner party, I had to try one to make sure they were ok, right?

They were…not bad. By that I mean, I can make a way better brownie from scratch and I have had better mixes too, but these were good. Not nearly as chocolatey as I would have expected, especially with the chocolate chips, but not bad. I will serve them after dinner with no shame.

Ghirardelli Moonlight Mystique

I found this really dark Ghirardelli bar at Target over the weekend.

Until now, I think the darkest Ghirardelli bar I had ever had was an 86% cacao bar. This bar beats that by another 6%, but it didn’t taste darker. In fact, it tasted fruity, but not in a single origin singular note kind of way. I checked the label, and not only is this bar NOT a singular origin bar, it has “natural flavor” listed in its ingredients. I think Ghirardelli is adding a fruit flavor to this bar to make it seem like its single origin. If so, this is really deceptive! But I don’t really know for sure.

As my co-worker Dini said, this bar is “suspiciously delicious”.