Noblesse Noir

I found this bag of cookies at CostPlus World Market.

Inside the bag were four different types of “biscuits and wafers”, each one coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. The label said it was 50% cacao, but the layer was so thin I really couldn’t tell. It was almost painted on. I shared the bag with my co-workers, and they generally seemed to like them, but there was no love lost here. I think I will skip these in the future.


CostPlus Dark Chocolate With Passion Fruit Filling

I found this bar at CostPlus World Market, and due to my undying love of passion fruit, I had to buy it.

Over ten years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Hawaii, and during my stay, I learned how delicious fresh passion fruit could be. At my hotel I could literally pluck passion fruit off of a tree in a nearby patch of jungle, and I thought it was the sweetest, most delicious fruit I had ever tasted. When I got back home to California, I tried passion fruit from my local grocery, only to discover that it was not nearly as tasty, plus it caused my hands to break out in a rash. Apparently, I am allergic to the peel of some kinds of passion fruit.

So when I saw this bar, I wanted it. I was hoping it would taste very close to my original passion fruit from Hawaii. I took it to work to share with my co-workers, since the bar is divided into nine squares of chocolate, each with passion fruit filling. Personally, I loved it. The dark chocolate was OK (not good or bad, just there), but the filling was strongly flavored of passion fruit and just as sweet as I remembered. To be fair, my co-workers thought the bar was too sweet, but I think they were a little overpowered by the flavor. I don’t like overly sweet things, but this bar…I like it.

I think I will get this bar again…just for myself.

MilkBoy Extra Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at CostPlus World Market.

I had never heard of the MilkBoy brand before, and I assumed it was milk chocolate and almost walked by until I saw it was 85% cacao. It was quite good too, tasting very dark but not very astringent and just a bit bitter. My co-workers liked it and had seconds and thirds, since this was a big 100 gram bar. It wasn’t very expensive, and I think it would be good to bake with as well as eat.

McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestives

I found these “cookies” at CostPlus World Market in both milk and dark chocolate versions, so of course I bought the dark ones.

I opened this package at work to find 17 wheat biscuits, each one with one side coated lightly in dark chocolate. The biscuits were not very sweet, and I don’t think the chocolate was very dark, since it looked and tasted light. I would guess 50% cacao, maximum. My co-workers seemed to enjoy them, and there were enough that I had some left over to share the next morning during an impromptu animation meeting.

Loacker Dark-Noir

I found this bar at my grocery store.

I have had this bar before, in mini-form, from my friend Erik E. I thought it was delicious then, and I found the big bar equally yummy. It is a block that breaks into six pieces, each of which I cut in half to share with co-workers. Each piece is a wafer covered in chocolate filling and then covered in 60% cacao dark chocolate. YUM! I could have eaten the whole bar, and since I can get it at my grocery store now, I probably will.

What do I mean, probably? Definitely!

Simple Truth Organic Dark Chocolate 85% Cacao

I found this bar at my grocery store.

I have had this brand before, as a 70% cacao bar with sea salt and a 71% bar with maca powder, and those were both good, so I expected the same of this bar. And it was very good. Very dark and rich but still smooth. Surprisingly, the chocolate flavor was not as intense as I expected, or as one co-worker said “it smelled better than it tasted”. Don’t misunderstand, this was a good bar. But it smelled very dark, yet tasted like a lighter bar, perhaps 70% cacao.

Still good, though. And easily available at the grocery store.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Forest Mint

I found this bar at my grocery store.

This was a really good chocolate bar. The chocolate was nice and dark, at 72% cacao, and the mint was a nice peppermint with a touch of something else, perhaps spearmint or maybe pine. It was strong enough to taste but not enough to block the flavor of the chocolate.

I have had this brand before, but most of them are for the preservation of a species of animal, so this one was unusual in that it was for preservation of the rain forest in South America. In fact, this bar donated 10% of its profits to the rain forest conservation, so I got to feel good about that.