Hotel chocolate from San Francisco

I took my first trip to San Francisco in 2004, just seventeen years after moving to the Los Angeles area from Virginia. Yes, I am not much of a traveler, so it took me some time to explore California. Like my first trip to Las Vegas the previous Halloween, I decided to stay at a fancy hotel called the Pan Pacific, where I found this on my bed pillow.

Unlike the Bellagio chocolate, this milk chocolate tablet was actually pretty good. It was from a chocolatier in Napa called “Le Belge”, and someday I am going to have to pay that shop a visit.


Viva Las Vegas!

I took my first trip to Las Vegas on October 31, 2003. I don’t know why I waited so long to visit Sin City, and there I was on Halloween, staying at the Bellagio hotel, where I found this little chocolate on my pillow.

This milk chocolate tablet was yucky. Bland, mealy and unappetizing. Come on, Bellagio, this was my first trip to Las Vegas! I went to see Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show, and I ate at Aqua, and I used your spa and had a massage! It was a frightfully expensive trip, and in return for all that spending you gave me a piece of chocolate that in comparison makes Hershey taste like Vosges?! For shame, Bellagio.

If you are wondering why I got this chocolate in October 2003, but it’s label a 2004 find, that’s because I didn’t eat it until January of 2004. It was in a bag with ticket stubs, receipts and other paperwork, and I found it when I went through the bag to prep for my taxes. I found the chocolate tablet, unwrapped it, and found that it had not bloomed and was still good to eat. Too bad it was such horrible chocolate.