Nordstrom Makers Dark Chocolate Mint Stick

I had lunch on a Saturday afternoon with a friend at the cafe in the South Coast Plaza Nordstrom, and at the end of the meal, the waiter brought us two individually wrapped chocolate sticks.

These were quite good. They were the size and shape of thick toothpicks, and they were a mint-flavored dark chocolate that I really liked. My friend Sissie didn’t like hers, so I ate hers too. Yum!


Lindt Crunchy Cocoa

I found this bat at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

I shared this bar at work, and like my co-workers, I liked it. It wasn’t amazing, but for a cheap, 47% cacao bar, it was quite tasty, and the nibs added some nice crunch and a roasted flavor.

And like their hazelnut bar, this Lindt bar was also made in France for sale in Australia. These bars really travel!

Lindt Roasted Hazelnut

I bought this “new” Lindt bar at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

I say “new” in quotes because I had this bar years ago as a Lindt Classic bar, and again in milk chocolate form too. Both were very good, and I wanted to see how this one compared. It was quite good, with a nice dark flavor (much richer than 47% cacao would lead me to believe) and the hazelnuts were chopped and distributed throughout the bar, so each bite had some crunch and flavor from the nuts. I would have preferred a darker chocolate, but still, this was very good.

Oddly, this Swiss bar was made in France and sold in Australia, where I bought it and came back to the United States to share it with my co-workers. This bar had a lot of miles on it!

Lindt Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

I got this bar at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

This is the first (and only, I think) single origin bar from Lindt. All of the beans are sourced from Madagascar, so I expected an earthy taste. Instead, the bar was sweeter than I expected from a 70% cacao bar, with a slightly fruity, berry-like aftertaste. My co-workers agreed on the aftertaste, so I was not imagining it. Still, it was quite good and very creamy for such a dark bar, and it disappeared quickly. Here’s to hoping that Lindt explores other countries with new single origin bars!

Lindt Smooth Blend 70% Mild Dark Chocolate Bar

I got this unusual Lindt bar after I ate breakfast at the Lindt cafe in downtown Sydney.

I have had a 70% cacao Lindt bar before, but not a “smooth blend” one. And while I am not entirely sure how different this one was, I can say that it tasted smooth and creamy and was quite delicious. Of course, that’s what I thought of the regular 70% bar too. So let’s just say I liked them both!

Lindt Chocolate Cafe Mocha

I walked past this cafe near my hotel in Sydney at 6 am (my hours were crazy from jet lag) and I decided to eat breakfast there when it opened at 7 am.

I had a delicious Lindt mocha with my ham and cheese croissant.

This mocha was very good, with a deep chocolate flavor. And they floated a Lindt chocolate tablet on top of the foam, plus added a Lindor truffle on the plate, for a little extra chocolate punch.

The cafe also sold a few Lindt bars that have not made it to the States yet, so expect them to be reviewed here soon!

Lemonade Chocolate Cupcake

While waiting at LAX for my flight to Sydney for a conference, I had dinner at Lemonade, a nice little diner inside Terminal 5. That’s where I saw this.

This was a bad cupcake. It was dry and not very flavorful, meaning it had very little chocolate flavor. Blech. And just to be clear, this is a regular chocolate cupcake. Lemonade is the name of the restaurant. If you eat here, pass on the cupcake.