Trader Joe’s ABC Bars

I saw these bars on Become Betty and went to my local Trader Joe’s on Saturday to find them.

Yum! These were just as delicious as Brenda described. The outside of the bar is a soft, chocolatey, oatmeal shell, filled with a nice amount of rich almond butter. The chocolate and almond flavors are the standouts here, with some oatmeal flavor coming through as well. They reminded me of No-Bake Cookies that I used to make as a kid, except those had peanuts instead of almonds.

Since these are shelf stable and individually wrapped, I am planning to add them to my Emergency Chocolate Stash at work. You all have one of those, right?

Thanks for the review, Brenda!


Joe’s Dark Coffee Squares

I found this bag of chocolate coffee squares at Trader Joe’s last weekend.

Inside were 14 individually wrapped squares.

Dark chocolate and coffee? I am sold! I opened one and tried it.


OMG, these were bad. The chocolate was not dark, it was milk, and it was bad milk. It was the gross, waxy, pasty milk chocolate that Hershey makes. And the coffee flavor? Burnt grounds. Made by Folger’s. And a week old.

Seriously, I had thirteen co-workers try the other squares, and everyone agreed they were bad. I asked them how it tasted, and here’s what they said.

  • “Bitter.”
  • “Burnt and nasty”.
  • “Like disappointment”.

Skip these squares. Just buy a Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar and be happy.

Follow-up: one of my co-workers left their unopened square on our company give-away counter with a note “Do not eat me”. Here’s the counter a day later:


I picked up this box of Belgian chocolates from Trader Joe’s.

Inside were eight praline-filled chocolates.

Of course, I wanted the one on the bottom right and not any of those white chocolate monstrosities. Luckily there was a guide on the back.

I tried the dark chocolate walnut praline, and it was quite good. Nothing amazing, but I liked it.The praline was quite astringent and thirst-inducing (like walnuts are), but the chocolate was decent.

My co-workers gave similar marks to the remaining chocolate: good, but not great. So while I don’t regret getting this, I doubt I’d buy this again.

Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy

On the recommendation of a co-worker, I picked up these frozen dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces at Trader Joe’s.

These were wonderful. The box contained about 15-20 pieces, each one anywhere from a quarter to half of a strawberry, coated in a thick layer of pretty good dark chocolate. It was 92 degrees on the day I bought them, so I ate three or four pieces after lunch, and that was a perfect icy and chocolatey dessert for a hot day. I am keeping a box of these in the freezer all summer!

Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins

Here’s another great cookie from Trader Joe’s that I saw reviewed by Brenda at Become Betty.

These were super yummy! They are small cookies, about the size of a quarter (hence the coin name), consisting of a mint chocolate wafer covered in a nice thick coating of dark chocolate. These cookies are smaller than Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, but they are have a lot more chocolate flavor, and dare I say it…I like them more than Thin Mints!

I opened the box at work and invited co-workers to try some (the box says a serving is eight cookies, and I wasn’t about to argue with the box), and within fifteen minutes the cookies were all gone. I’d say that is a great endorsement!

Thanks for the recommendation, Brenda!

Trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies Filled With Belgian Chocolate

I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s. I went looking for them based on the great review by Brenda at Become Betty.

I think Trader Joe’s sells great chocolate, and their cookies are usually pretty good too. These cookies were great! They were like round Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, but with much more chocolate filling. The filling is darker and more chocolatey too, so I think I like these cookies even more than Milanos. And that is saying a lot, since I grew up addicted to Milano cookies.

Thanks for the tip, Brenda!

p.s. The chocolate in these cookies is from Belgium, but the cookies themselves are baked in the Netherlands, so I marked both countries as the origin for these.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cremes

I found this box at Trader Joe’s right before Christmas. It was the last one on the New Item shelf.

Inside were fifteen of the peppermint cremes.

Each one was a thick blob of soft peppermint, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy cane. The chocolate looked and tasted dark, but it was only 49% cacao, which surprised me a lot. I would have guessed a lot darker, like 65%. I really liked these cremes, since they were chocolate and minty and not too sweet, and they left you with fresh breath after you ate them. My co-workers liked them too, with most of the six people having seconds or thirds.