Trader Joe’s Premium Peanut Butter Roundels

After seeing these reviewed on Become Betty, I ran out the next day to pick up a box.

Yum, these are really good. Each box contains four dark roundels and four milk ones, so of course I ate a dark roundel, while my husband ate a milk one.  We both agreed with Betty, that these are like really fancy Reese’s peanut butter cups, even though they look like thick York Peppermint Patties. I liked them a lot, but I think I will stick with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups….which I just realized I don’t have reviewed on my blog. I will correct that oversight next weekend!


Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar

I found this bar at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago.

This was a 70% cacao dark chocolate bar, with ground coffee beans on the bottom and filled with a dark caramel filling, also flavored with coffee. It was quite good! The ground coffee made the chocolate taste even darker, and the coffee caramel added more coffee flavor plus a nice burst of sweetness. I really liked it!

Trader Joe’s Roasted Cocoa Nibs

I found these at Trader Joe’s on their “What’s New?” shelf, which always gets me to buy new things.

These were simply cacao nibs, roasted and broken into pieces. They are crunchy but not too hard, kind of like peanuts. They are quite bitter, but being 100% sourced from the Huila state in Colombia, they also had that singular note found in single origin chocolate. In this case, there was an earthy roasted flavor that I quite enjoyed, and so did my co-workers. Yes, I convinced eight other people to try pure, unadulterated cacao nibs, and they liked it too. One co-worker even took some to try in her coffee. Over the past six years, I think I have really educated their chocolate palettes.

I have never been so proud.

Montezuma’s Absolute Black With Cacoa Nibs

I found this bar at Trader Joe’s. I saw the 100% on the label and I had to have it.

I have had 100% cacao bars before (including several Cacao Parlor ones recently), and I have even had a Montezuma bar before, but I have never had a 100% bar with cocoa nibs in it. In addition to adding texture, these nibs made the bar seem even darker and more astringent, but I really liked it. Yes, the bar pulled all of the water from my mouth, but the chocolate flavor was strong and quite pronounced. And my co-workers liked it too, which surprised me. A year ago a 100% bar had them cringing and saying it was too much, but this bar had them reaching for seconds and thirds. I think I have refined their palettes for chocolate!

Trader Joe’s Boatswain Chocolate Stout Bar

I picked up this bar at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, and my co-worker Dini M. also got this bar, so we did a double bar taste test at a chocolate eating meeting.

This is a pretty decent bar. The chocolate is nice and dark at 70% cacao, and the caramel filling is thick and chocolatey while still being liquid. I will admit I couldn’t really taste any beer flavor in this bar, but I haven’t tried Trader Joe’s Boatswain Stout on its own. I did manage to cut each bar into eight pieces without getting caramel goo everywhere, so that was a big plus. And everyone agreed they were quite tasty. Despite having two bars, very little was left over.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Crisps

I found these at Trader Joe’s last week.

These crisps were exactly like the ones I found at CostPlus World Market a few years ago, being Pringles-like wafers of dark chocolate with crisped rice bits in them. This time I remembered to take a photo of how they are packaged.

Very cool looking chocolate, and very tasty too. I liked them and so did my co-workers, and despite there being thirty or so of these wafers, they were gone in minutes!