Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Crisps

I found these at Trader Joe’s last week.

These crisps were exactly like the ones I found at CostPlus World Market a few years ago, being Pringles-like wafers of dark chocolate with crisped rice bits in them. This time I remembered to take a photo of how they are packaged.

Very cool looking chocolate, and very tasty too. I liked them and so did my co-workers, and despite there being thirty or so of these wafers, they were gone in minutes!

Trader Joe’s Coffee Toffee Shortbread Cookies

I got these cookies at Trader Joe’s during their coffee craze period in April, when it seemed like dozens of coffee-flavored and coffee-related products were appearing on their “What’s New At Trader Joe’s” shelf.

These were pretty good. They were smallish shortbread cookies, baked with some coffee for flavor and little bits of toffee for crunch. Each cookie had chocolate stripes on the top and a complete chocolate bottom, so there was a good chocolate flavor too. I liked them and so did my co-workers, except that one guy (again) who hates coffee.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Caramels

I found this box of caramels at Trader Joe’s, and the beautiful box art alone was enough to make me buy them (although being dark chocolate, they would have been purchased anyway).

Inside, there were seven caramels, an odd number for sharing.

I ended up cutting them in half, so co-workers could try them, and that was a mistake. The caramel is very soft but the chocolate shell was not, and the caramel squished out as I cut them. They looked like a mess. Still, my co-workers and I forged ahead and ate them, and you know what? They were quite yummy. They were chocolatey and caramely and very salty, but there was almost no vinegar taste. Maybe a slight tang, but I could have imagined it. If I hadn’t seen the box, I wouldn’t have said there was any vinegar in these at all.

All in all, these were good but not great.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

I saw this cake reviewed on BecomeBetty and I knew I would have to try it. What better time than after a trip to New York City?

I really didn’t know what a babka was before this, but it is a dense layered yeast-based cake, and it is absolutely filled and topped with chocolate. I loved this cake! As dense and rich as it was, I have no doubt I would have eaten the whole thing myself. Fortunately I was shopping with a friend, and we agreed that she would take half of the cake home with her. True to form, I ate my entire half after she left. All one thousand calories of it. That’s a lot of dog walking I need to do this weekend!

Trader Joe’s Brownie Crisp

I found this bag on the checkout aisle at Trader Joe’s. Of course I had to buy them!

These were super yummy! Very thin and crispy and chocolatey, they tended to fall apart when you bit into them. They reminded me of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, only these were a little better. More flavorful, I think. My co-workers loved them and took seconds and thirds. One person even had fourths! I think they were a hit.

Trader Joe’s Marbled Mint Crunch Chocolate Bar

I got this bar at Trader Joe’s last weekend.

I shared it at work, and the verdict of my co-workers is that it was…OK. The chocolate was…OK. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very deep or rich, and the mint was odd. It wasn’t the typical mint you get in a chocolate bar, like peppermint or whatever that Andes mint flavor is. It tasted like mint ice cream, and I am not much of a fan of that. Oh well, the bar was eaten and I moved on.