Intrigue Guajillo Chilio, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Chocolate

I tried another Intrigue chocolate with my co-workers.

Wow, that is a lot of ingredients! I was worried the chili would be too hot, but it was fairly mild, and I couldn’t taste the hibiscus at all. But the cinnamon and vanilla were pretty strong, and like the Intrigue juniper and lime bar, I couldn’t really taste the chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this bar, and so did my co-workers. In fact, several of us had seconds. But I am always a little sad when the added flavors to a chocolate bar mask the taste of the chocolate. I would have toned them down a little.


Sugarfina Tequila Cordials

My producer Shana B. brought me this box of cordials from Sugarfina!

My sister-in-law had given me a box of Sugarfina chocolates for Christmas, and they were great. This box was a whole new flavor, and I expected great things from it. And I was not disappointed. The box contained over a dozen cordials, and each one had a thick dark chocolate coating surrounding a crunchy, gooey, sugary center infused with tequila. I loved them and ate four, and I shared them with Shana and the rest of my co-workers in a meeting about my latest game. Chocolate AND game development…now that’s fun!

Thanks Shana!

Seleuss 77.76% Cacao Dark Chocolate

I found this bag of dark chocolate at the Seleuss store in Seattle (that I finally managed to find open, since the place has some odd hours).

Robert had given me some Seleuss truffles last year, and they were really good. So I expected good things from this bar, and I was not let down. It was very good, tasting even darker and more chocolatey than I expected from a 77% cacao bar, and it was very smooth and creamy too. Despite being single origin, there were no singular notes, but that didn’t make the bar any less tasty.

Like the truffles, the back of the bag listed the cacao percentages to the second decimal point, as if they actually measured it that carefully.

Still, I liked that this bar was a combination of arriba, forastero, and trinitaro cacao. That’s pretty much all of the three major species of cacao that we eat!

Seleuss sells an even darker bar, but they were out when we visited the shop. I will have to get some on my next trip to Seattle.

ExtraMile Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch

I found this bar in a gas station in Bellevue, Washington.

Wow, this bar was WAY better than any one-dollar gas station chocolate bar has any right to be. Not only was it nicely dark and chocolatey, it was filled with mint cookie crumbles, making it taste almost exactly like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. For a buck, I wish I had bought more of these!

Indi Ecuador Chocolate – Costa Esmeraldas

I found another bar at Indi from Ecuador (making this my fifth Indi bar from that country). This bar was made from cacao grown on an estate near Ecuador’s northern coast.

This bar was delicious. It had a tangy almost citrus-like aftertaste, that reminded me of their Fortaleza Del Valle bar. But this bar definitely had a tangy aftertaste and not a foretaste like that other bar. Again, Robert and I both loved it. Indi is really making some fantastic single origin (even single farm) chocolate that highlights the unique flavors of the cacao.

Indi Fiji Chocolate

Next, I tried an Indi bar from the country of Fiji (my first ever bar from there)! Matasawalevu is one of the smaller islands off the northwestern coast of Fiji, and all of the cacao beans in this bar came from there.

This bar definitely had a singular note (unlike their Bolivia bar). In fact, it had two separate notes. There was an earthy note that permeated the chocolate, and also something else…something hard to define. Robert thought it tasted tropical, in the same way that mangoes and passion fruits have a distinctive tropical flavor. But other than that, the taste was hard to describe. Still, those two notes made this bar quite unusual, and we both loved it.

Indi Bolivia Chocolate

While in Seattle for a few weeks, I visited the Indi Chocolate shop in Pike Market, where I saw they had a few more single origin bars than last time.

This bar was amazing. While it had no singular notes, the chocolate flavor was very deep and very rich, and the bar itself was so creamy that I was shocked there was no milk in it. It really tasted like a dark milk bar. In fact, it reminded me of the Indi Ecuador Los Rios bar in its creaminess, and I think this bar was even better.

There was no information on the label or the website about this 2011 Limited Batch, or what they meant by “wild harvested”, but I bought a few more Indi bars, so expect some more reviews soon.