Indi Peru Chocolate

OK, returning to our single origin tour of the world thru Indi chocolate bars, we had left off at Haiti, so let’s go to Peru.

This bar was made with cacao beans from the province of Marañón in northern Peru. It had a distinctive singular note, similar to cherries, that you could only taste at the end of chewing a bite of it. In that sense, it reminded me of the Nathan Miller Peru bar I had two weeks ago. Both were quite fruity.

More Indi bars to come!


Fran’s Almonds in Dark Chocolate

I love dark chocolate and I love almonds, so I had to try these!

These were really good and quite different too! Most almonds are covered in milk chocolate (although Trader Joe’s and others make good dark chocolate almonds), but these were covered in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa as well. And the other surprise was that the almonds inside were coated with a savory salt mixture, reminding me of Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds. I mean, those things are great on their own, but covered in good dark chocolate?! Wow! These were awesome!

Fran’s Gray Salt Thins

This year I reached the Valve Christmas package to Obsidian early enough to sample a few wares.

I have had Fran’s chocolate before, so I expected these to be good. And they were. But the salt was so generously applied that instead of amplifying the chocolate flavor, it drowned out any such notes. I was a little disappointed they would ruin such a nice chocolate with so much salt.

Indi Haiti Chocolate

I tried the Haiti bar from Indi next.

My apologies for the photo. We ate the bar and then I remembered I needed a photo, so I took the picture on a black desk. The bar itself looked exactly like the Vietnam bar or any other Indi bar. And like the Vietnam bar, this one was also made from cacao beans from a small province in Haiti and not the whole country itself. In this case, the beans were from Petit Bourg De Borgnes, a small area in northern Haiti.

This was my second chocolate bar from Haiti. My first one had no singular notes, but this one certainly did! It tasted astringent and nutty, reminiscent of a walnut. It took five co-workers to figure out what it tasted like (one person said it tasted like “peanut skin”), but the taste was quite strong. I liked it and so did my co-workers. I wish these Indi bars were bigger!

Indi Vietnam Chocolate

After yesterday’s Indi Philippines bar, I wanted to try their Vietnam bar.

This bar is not just from Vietnam, it is from the Lam Dong province in Vietnam. With such a geographic locality, the bar is bursting with a singular note, a bright almost metallic aftertaste. It reminded me of the Marou bar I had earlier this year. That note is so distinctive!

My co-workers really liked this bar and how it tasted so different from the one yesterday. I am going to keep try Indi single origin bars for next week or so.