Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji & Raspberry Flavors

My co-worker Dini M. brought in another bag of Brookside chocolates.

These were pretty good. Like the last bag, they were soft, tart centers covered in a decent dark chocolate. I ate a few, and my co-workers had a handful each. Everyone thought they were nice.

Thanks Dini!


Brookside Dark Chocolate Vineyard

My co-worker Dini M. brought in these chocolate treats for us to try.

I have had fruity Brookside bars and balls before, and they were pretty good. These were good too. The dark chocolate coating was decent, and the fruit center was soft and very flavorful. In these balls, the center tasted like Merlot grapes and black currant, so it was sweet and tart, a nice combination that went well with the chocolate. While I am still a big fan of the Brookside dark chocolate almonds, these fruit balls were yummy too.

Thanks Dini!

Garden Island Stone Ground Dark Chocolate 85%

My co-worker Charlie S. gave me this Hawaiian chocolate bar, similar to other bars he had given me in the past.

This bar was very good. It was very dark and slightly astringent, with an unusual aftertaste – something nutty and slightly floral. I really liked it, and my co-workers all had seconds, so I think they liked it too.

This bar is my 1,900th unique chocolate bar on this blog! That’s a lot of chocolate, and there is more to come!

Thanks Charlie!

barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Mint

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this bag of mint-flavored barkTHINS.

These were REALLY good! The chocolate was nice and dark (probably about 60% cacao, but the bag didn’t list any percentage), and the mint bits were crunchy but not too hard. They weren’t like candy cane bits. They were more like Altoid chunks. They went very nicely with the chocolate.

I have had many flavors of barkTHINS, and with this bag, my collection is complete. We have tried all six flavors.

Thanks Dini!

Godiva 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

This is the final purchase I made at the Godiva store.

This bar was very good, probably as good as non-single origin chocolate gets. It was super dark and rich, barely sweet, and somehow still creamy and velvety. I broke it into ten squares at work, but only four co-workers could make the chocolate eating meeting, so everyone had seconds. No one was unhappy about that.

Godiva Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

I also bought some dark chocolate bark at the Godiva store.

This bark was really good. I think I might have liked it better than their single origin bar, despite the fact that the bark had no special notes and didn’t even list a cacao percentage (I would guess it was around 65%). But it was deep and dark and had chocolate striping on top, so it was extra fudgey. I opened it at work and everyone had seconds and thirds, so I think it was a hit.

Godiva Single Origin Mexican Dark Chocolate With Orange & Ginger Flavor

This bar was the last single origin chocolate bar I bought at Godiva.

This bar had the same 68% cacao single origin Mexican chocolate as the plain, salt and coconut bars, but it contained orange peel and ginger flavoring. Personally, I could taste a lot of orange thanks to the abundant hard, sticky peels in the chocolate, but the ginger was just a slight aftertaste. Both flavors served to mask any single origin note in the chocolate, which makes me wonder why this bar even exists.

Now that I have had all four, I would recommend the plain dark chocolate the highest, followed by the coconut bar, and then a distant third and fourth with the salt and orange & ginger.