Trader Joe’s An Assortment Of Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles

Continuing the Trader Joe’s truffle collections this year, I picked up this box too,.

Inside were 36 little truffles, nine each of four different flavors. Clockwise, these were prosecco in white chocolate, gin in milk chocolate, whiskey in dark chocolate, and rum in milk chocolate.

Since there were so many truffles, my co-workers and I tried all four flavors. I liked the whiskey in dark chocolate the best, but the rum one wasn’t bad. The gin one tasted like bathroom cleaner, and the less said about the prosecco one, the better. My co-workers were mixed on these. While most liked the whiskey ones, a couple hated them. Several co-workers liked the gin ones (blech), and a few hated the rum ones. I don’t think anyone liked the prosecco ones,and they were the last to go.

If you only buy one truffle collection at Trader Joe’s this month, I’d stick with yesterday’s dessert truffles.


Hacienda Santo Coyote

My co-worker Lauren G. was letting people try shots of this liquor, a kind of chocolate tequila.


The bottle inside the box looked like this.


Since this liquor was cream-based, like Bailey’s Irish Cream, I tried it mixed with coffee, and it was delicious, much smoother and more chocolatey than I expected. I also tried a bit of it by itself, and I found it to be quite tasty (and not that alcoholic, at 28 proof). My co-worker Dini M. tried doing a Tim Tam slam with it, and she also liked it. What an unexpected find!

Thanks Lauren!

Baileys Chocolate Truffles

My co-worker Roby A. brought in a tube of Bailey’s truffles after the holidays for us to try.


These were surprisingly good! I say “surprisingly” because they were milk chocolate, there was no cacao percentage listed, and licensed chocolates are often terrible. But these were very tasty, with a smooth milk chocolate shell and a velvety interior that tasted just like their Irish cream liqueur namesake despite containing no alcohol. Everyone liked them, and most people had more than one. I had three! Thanks Roby!

Swiss Colony Truffles

My mother-in-law Pam sent us two packages of Swiss Colony Truffles for Christmas. The first package contained chocolate truffles.


They were very good. The milk chocolate shell covered a solid chocolate ganache center which melted in your mouth. Yum!


These truffles were really good! Each column was different, with shells of milk, dark and white chocolate. And the ganache inside were flavored with different liqueurs, like Amaretto, Frangelico and Grand Marnier. My favorite was the dark chocolate shell filled with a cappuccino ganache. Those are the ones on the far right.

Thank you Pam! Merry Christmas!

Adult Chocolate Milk

I found this bottle of deliciousness at a liquor store right before Christmas 2012.


This chocolate milk was super yummy! I posted about it last year when I found it, but I wanted to have the label in my collection so, after I was finished drinking it, I soaked the bottle and peeled the label off carefully. I was happy with how well it turned out!

Walker’s Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffle Liqueurs

Kristy brought these in for a chocolate eating meeting at work.


I really liked this box, so bright and flowery and with pictures of the truffles right in the middle. It was a big let down when they turned out to be gross. They were very gooey and leaked their champagne gel everywhere, and that stuff tasted vinegary and not at all like champagne. To top it off, the milk chocolate was quite bland.

What a sad box of truffles.

Läderach Whisky Truffle bar

Robert brought me back this bar from Germany.


It’s a sister bar to the Läderach Absinth Truffle bar that I had tried a few days before. Like that bar, this one was odd. For a 60% cacao bar with whiskey in it, it was much sweeter than I expected and far less alcohol-flavored. I can’t say that I loved it, but it was better than the absinthe bar.