Club 33 Truffles

My friend Lucy also gave me some truffles from Club 33.

Each box held three truffles: a dark chocolate ganache, an orange citrus, and a milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Of course, I liked the dark chocolate one the best, but the hazelnut one was surprisingly chocolatey too, despite being covered in milk chocolate. And that orange one was crazily strong, like it was the distilled essence of orangeness. I think it cured me of scurvy for life!

Thanks Lucy!

Rococo Assortment

My friend Lucy gave me this assortment of chocolates from Rococo, which she picked up in London before taking a trip to Ireland.

Lucy has given me Rococo bars before, but this was the first boxed chocolate set. Inside were a dozen assorted chocolates.

I shared these with my co-workers, trying the bottom left one myself. According to the guide, it was rose, lychee and raspberry flavored.

I thought it was delicious, with a great floral-fruity combination that went well with the smooth dark chocolate shell. My co-workers loved their chocolates too, and there was just enough for everyone to have one.

Thanks Lucy!

Vobro Frutti di Mare

I found these chocolates on the “free” counter in the kitchen at work, so despite the white chocolate portions, of course I had to try one.

The name “frutti di mare” means mollusk or seafood in Italian, which is strange given that Vobro is a Polish chocolate maker. These pralines were a milk chocolate and white chocolate combination shell surrounding a milk chocolate hazelnut cream filling. I thought it was quite yummy, if a little sweet. A dark chocolate version would be wonderful!

Thanks, anonymous donor.

Trader Joe’s Campfire S’Mores Bar

My co-worker Charlie S.brought this bar from Trader Joe’s to a chocolate eating meeting.

It was a big square of milk chocolate, filled and topped with mini marshmallows and graham cracker pieces. It was pretty heavy too, over 4 ounces. I broke it into sixteen squares and shared it, and everyone liked it. As milk chocolate, it was a little too sweet for my tastes, but the graham crackers and marshmallows cut down the sweetness, and it did have a nice s’mores taste that everyone who ever camped remembers from their childhood.

Thanks Charlie!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Peppermint

I bought this milk chocolate Cadbury bar in Sydney, because I wanted one of their normal milk chocolate bars to compare to their dark milk bar.

This bar was OK. The chocolate was weak and meh (what do you expect from milk chocolate?), but the inner peppermint goo was pretty good. And according to my co-workers, it was as brightly green as the label shows. And they liked it, comparing it to a Junior Mint. And at 200g (or 7 oz) there was a LOT to like, with the bar breaking up into 32 individual squares of chocolate. I had one of my co-workers take a dozen squares back to her office to share with people there. There was just too much!

Charles Chocolates Toffee Coffee Bar

I got this bar from my co-worker Cathy N.

This bar was a 55% cacao dark milk chocolate bar, flavored with coffee and sprinkled with chunks of toffee. I liked it, and my co-workers did too, even the coffee-hating one. I liked their crisped rice bar better, but that one was 65% dark chocolate. Still, this company makes some good chocolate.

Thanks Cathy!