Jcoco Bali Sea Salt Toffee In Milk Chocolate

My publishing producer Shana B. also gave me this bar!

This was pretty good for milk chocolate. It was salty with little sweet crunchy bits of toffee. The chocolate flavor was a bit overpowered, though. I think a dark chocolate (like the last bar) would have worked better for the salt and toffee, but my co-workers really liked it.

Thanks Shana!


Hotel Chocolat Milk Ghana 55%

I finally ate the last of the two boxed sets of chocolate bars that my co-worker Michael K. gave me.

While this was a good milk chocolate bar (very chocolatey), I didn’t taste any singular notes, especially not any bread-like ones. And surprisingly, my co-workers were put off by having another milk chocolate bar at the chocolate eating meeting. I have turned them into chocolate snobs! And I have never been more proud.

Thanks Michael!

Hotel Chocolat Milk Saint Lucia 50%

I tried another Saint Lucia bar from the package that my co-worker Michael K. picked up in London.

This was the third Saint Lucia bar, and unlike the 85% dark bar which tasted like whiskey and the 100% dark bar which had no singular notes at all, this bar tasted like rich chocolate ice cream. The milk notes were very strong, and I really liked this bar. If all milk chocolate was like this bar, I think I would eat more of it.

Thanks Michael!

Trader Joe’s Premium Peanut Butter Roundels

After seeing these reviewed on Become Betty, I ran out the next day to pick up a box.

Yum, these are really good. Each box contains four dark roundels and four milk ones, so of course I ate a dark roundel, while my husband ate a milk one.  We both agreed with Betty, that these are like really fancy Reese’s peanut butter cups, even though they look like thick York Peppermint Patties. I liked them a lot, but I think I will stick with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups….which I just realized I don’t have reviewed on my blog. I will correct that oversight next weekend!

Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter

My producer Shana B. gave me this bar (actually two!) from Seattle when she was down to see the latest version of my game.

Yes, this is a milk chocolate bar, and yes it is stuffed with a white chocolate filling and some sprinkles, but damn if it didn’t taste just like a yellow cake with buttercream frosting! Very yummy, and my co-workers liked it too, enough for several to eat seconds.

Thanks Shana!

Vosges Mint Matcha

I found this new Vosges bar at my grocery store!

Yes, this is a milk chocolate bar, but it is a Vosges dark milk chocolate bar, with 45% cacao. I would eat a Vosges dark milk bar over many other brands of dark chocolate any day. And this one did not disappoint. It had a deep chocolate flavor with a hint of mint, but I detected no matcha tea flavor at all. One of my co-workers said she could taste it a little, but most of the others agreed this bar just tasted of chocolate and mint. Still, it was a good chocolate and mint bar!