Cadbury Dark Milk

While I was in Australia, Cadbury released a new dark milk chocolate bar there. They said it was for Mother’s Day, but I knew it was for me.

This bar was delicious! It was 40% cacao, so it was fairly dark and it had a rich chocolate flavor while being super creamy at the same time. I thought it tasted like the inside of a chocolate truffle. A couple of my co-workers thought it had a raisin-like aftertaste, but they are crazy. One co-worker even thought there was a mild chili pepper aftertaste. He is even crazier!

Ignore them and enjoy this bar, if you can find it.

Baskin Robbins Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

I found my favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor at my local grocery store!

I loved the description on the back label. “Take everything you love about chocolate and multiply it by chocolate”.

I am not sure if this is the deepest chocolate flavored ice cream I have ever tasted, but it must be pretty close, and it is so darkly colored that it is almost black. I love this ice cream, and it was all I could do to not eat it all in one sitting. I managed to split it over two nights, and I am afraid I am going to run back to the store for more! Yes, it is that good.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe Mocha

I walked past this cafe near my hotel in Sydney at 6 am (my hours were crazy from jet lag) and I decided to eat breakfast there when it opened at 7 am.

I had a delicious Lindt mocha with my ham and cheese croissant.

This mocha was very good, with a deep chocolate flavor. And they floated a Lindt chocolate tablet on top of the foam, plus added a Lindor truffle on the plate, for a little extra chocolate punch.

The cafe also sold a few Lindt bars that have not made it to the States yet, so expect them to be reviewed here soon!

Guylian Chocolate Mousse Cake

The night before the Sydney conference began, I went to a speaker event in downtown Sydney on the Circular Quay, and two friends I had met at the conference last year came by and brought me a mousse cake from Guylian.

Let’s take a closer look.

The cake had a sponge base with a chocolate mousse filling, was covered in dark ganache, and finally striped with white chocolate. And yum, it was good! And so rich that I would have had trouble finishing it, but my friends helped.

Thanks Lee and Sanita!


Lemonade Chocolate Cupcake

While waiting at LAX for my flight to Sydney for a conference, I had dinner at Lemonade, a nice little diner inside Terminal 5. That’s where I saw this.

This was a bad cupcake. It was dry and not very flavorful, meaning it had very little chocolate flavor. Blech. And just to be clear, this is a regular chocolate cupcake. Lemonade is the name of the restaurant. If you eat here, pass on the cupcake.

Kraš Bajadera

I found the bar form of one of the pralines I ate yesterday.

Like the praline, this bar was a hazelnut-almond paste with chocolate on the top and bottom. While the chocolate flavor was still quite pronounced, I found the bar to be somewhat sweeter than the praline. I think I liked the praline better.

I shared this bar with my co-workers, and they thought it was OK. After so many dark chocolate bars, I think I have spoiled them.