Seattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter

My producer Shana B. gave me this bar (actually two!) from Seattle when she was down to see the latest version of my game.

Yes, this is a milk chocolate bar, and yes it is stuffed with a white chocolate filling and some sprinkles, but damn if it didn’t taste just like a yellow cake with buttercream frosting! Very yummy, and my co-workers liked it too, enough for several to eat seconds.

Thanks Shana!


Vobro Frutti di Mare

I found these chocolates on the “free” counter in the kitchen at work, so despite the white chocolate portions, of course I had to try one.

The name “frutti di mare” means mollusk or seafood in Italian, which is strange given that Vobro is a Polish chocolate maker. These pralines were a milk chocolate and white chocolate combination shell surrounding a milk chocolate hazelnut cream filling. I thought it was quite yummy, if a little sweet. A dark chocolate version would be wonderful!

Thanks, anonymous donor.

Guylian Chocolate Mousse Cake

The night before the Sydney conference began, I went to a speaker event in downtown Sydney on the Circular Quay, and two friends I had met at the conference last year came by and brought me a mousse cake from Guylian.

Let’s take a closer look.

The cake had a sponge base with a chocolate mousse filling, was covered in dark ganache, and finally striped with white chocolate. And yum, it was good! And so rich that I would have had trouble finishing it, but my friends helped.

Thanks Lee and Sanita!


Compartés Roses & Rosé

I am angry!

I found the following bar at DeLaurenti in Seattle when I was there a few weeks ago.


Beautiful cover, huh? I thought it was dark chocolate. Why would think that when it says white chocolate right on the cover? Well, I missed that but I saw the 36% cacao in the lower left corner, and so I turned it over.


It says dark chocolate on the back! Right there, next to the $10.99 price tag that I wasted on this awful bar. Yes, it was white chocolate. Well, it was pink, I thought from the rosé wine but it was really just cheap beetroot coloring. There was a small scattering crystallized rose petals, but that didn’t change the fact that this was mainly a white chocolate bar! Not dark chocolate. Not even 36% cacao. All lies.

I hated it.

I offered some to my co-workers, and they disliked it too. Seriously, what a rip off. Hey, Compartés, we’re enemies now.

Zoe’s Chocolate Truffles

I went to a game conference in San Jose in September, and one of the nice gentlemen from Able Gamer charity sent me this box of truffles after I got back.


Inside was an array of wonderful and colorful truffles.


Of course, the dark chocolate ones were my favorite, but the caramel ones were also quite good. The caramel was soft, almost liquid, and it was flavored with all kinds of things, from lavender to honey to sea salt. All of the truffles were quite chocolatey (except for that one white chocolate thing), and the flavors were all deep and vibrant. It was quite an exciting introduction to this brand!

Thanks Mark!

Recchiuti truffles

My good friend Tiff C. sent me a box of Recchiuti truffles for my birthday!


Peer inside the box and this is what you see!


Sixteen different truffles, ranging from white to milk to dark chocolate, and all composed of of different fillings! There was even a handy guide!


I went for the hazelnut cream first, in the bottom left corner. So good! I also tried the rose caramel, below the triangle shape in middle left, and I also ate the triangle, which was filled with a coffee filling. Everything was so good, but I think my favorite was the dark chocolate Force Noir! I had had some Recchiuti truffles before, but not this many and not so unexpectedly. And despite her clearly written note absolving me of any shame if I didn’t want to share these, I did share them with my husband. We each ate half of each truffle, so we could both experience them all.

Thanks Tiff!

Trader Joe’s Dark & White Chocolates

I found this package of tulip chocolates at Trader Joe’s.


Yes, there was white chocolate, but there was more dark chocolate, and these were Belgian chocolates, so I had to have them.


Look how pretty they are! There were ten of them, and I knew about a dozen people come to the chocolate eating meeting, so I braced myself and sent the instant message to our Slack-based chocolate group.


Meanwhile, I looked at the chocolate close up. So cute!


I picked one up so you could see the size. It was mostly a dark chocolate base, with a tulip drawn on top with white chocolate. Not a bad ratio.

My co-workers arrived, and with two of them on vacation, we had exactly the amount of chocolate tulips we needed. I thought my tulip tasted good, with a nice dark chocolate flavor, diminished a bit by the white chocolate. My guess would be the dark was 50-60% cacao. All in all, I wouldn’t get these again, but they were fun to try.