Classic Dark Tim Tams

I found genuine, Australian, dark chocolate Tim Tams in my local Target store!


I love how dark they were!


I took these to work to share, and three co-workers did a Tim Tam slam, where you bite off each end of the cookie and drink a liquid through it. You have to then eat the cookie quickly before it turns to mush!

Anthony tried it with hot chocolate, and he didn’t eat the cookie fast enough. He got hot chocolate all over his hoodie. Then Dini tried it with chocolate tequila, and she did it nearly perfectly, but she ended up with chocolate all over her lips and chin! Finally Nick tried it with hot tea, and he wasn’t fast enough and some of the cookie fell back into his tea. Tim Tam Slams are harder to do than they seem!

Cadbury Old Gold Roast Almond Dark Chocolate

I have always had a distrust of Cadbury chocolate. Too many bad experiences, I guess. But I saw this bar at a grocery store in Sydney and I had to get it.


This bar was amazing! First off, it was 200 grams, which is over 7 ounces, or almost half a pound. And when I opened it, it was dark and full of whole almonds, and it smelled divine. And the taste…magnificent! Deep rich cocoa flavor, paired with crunchy whole roasted almonds. Awesome. For a cheap bar I bought in a grocery store, I was floored! And my co-workers gobbled it up! For a bar that was two to three times bigger than a regular chocolate bar, it was gone in about five minutes. I wished I had bought two! This is the perfect chocolate snack: great chocolate over great almonds. Yum.

I take back everything I have said about you, Cadbury. You have redeemed yourself with this bar.

ChocolArts Dark Chocolate And Hazelnuts Bar

I opened my last ChocolArts bar at work today.


Yum, this bar was very good. The dark chocolate was very rich (probably around 55%, but darker would have been nice), and the hazelnuts were whole and roasted and crunchy and very tasty. I think this was my favorite bar of all of them, and I liked it better than the cashew, coffee or cacao nibs bars. And given that the entire bar was gone in four minutes, I think my co-workers liked this one too.

Koko Black 54% Bar

This was my last bar that I purchased from Koko Black in Sydney.


This bar was very good. It was not as dark and rich as their 80% bar, of course, but it was still quite yummy. It was smooth and had a nice deep flavor. I have now eaten all of the chocolate from Koko Black, Haigh’s and Josophan’s that I bought, and I think Koko Black and Haigh’s are quite close as chocolatiers and are probably tied for second place as the best chocolate in Sydney. But after Josophan’s 70% São Thomé bar, that chocolatier gets first prize.

ChocolArts Dark Chocolate And Coffee Bar

Here is another bar that I bought at ChocolArts, a small chocolatier located near the Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay.


This was a good looking chocolate bar. This is how it looked right from the package.


Here it looks so dark and creamy. But its underside was studded with coffee bits.


Like its sister bar with cashews, this bar was very smooth and creamy, and the coffee bits added crunch and an earthy roasted flavor. I found myself wishing the cacao percentage was just a tad higher (it’s about 55%, and I wanted 65% or 70%). The chocolate needed to be deeper to hold up to the strong coffee flavor. Still, this was a good bar and it disappeared quickly when I shared it with my co-workers.

Koko Black 80% Bar

This was the first bar I picked up at Koko Black, a chocolatier in the same building as Haigh’s Chocolates.


This bar was delicious! It was so dark and rich and incredibly deeply chocolate. I think this may be the second best chocolate in Sydney, behind Josophan’s but in front of Haigh’s. It disappeared super quickly when I shared it at work.

I got a photo in front of their truffle case too!


I have two more bars to try from Koko Black, and one is 100% cacao. I can’t wait!