Cadbury Dark Milk

While I was in Australia, Cadbury released a new dark milk chocolate bar there. They said it was for Mother’s Day, but I knew it was for me.

This bar was delicious! It was 40% cacao, so it was fairly dark and it had a rich chocolate flavor while being super creamy at the same time. I thought it tasted like the inside of a chocolate truffle. A couple of my co-workers thought it had a raisin-like aftertaste, but they are crazy. One co-worker even thought there was a mild chili pepper aftertaste. He is even crazier!

Ignore them and enjoy this bar, if you can find it.

Haigh’s Centenary Edition Bar

I got this bar at the Haigh’s store in the Queen Victoria building in downtown Sydney. That’s the building on the cover of this label!

The back of the label explained that this bar was their Centenary Edition. Haigh’s has been making chocolate in Australia for over 100 years.

I shared this bar at work, for the first chocolate eating meeting since my return from Australia. And despite it being just 52% cacao, the chocolate flavor was quite pronounced, and everyone enjoyed it. I still think their 70% bar is better, but this one was no slouch, and it has a much prettier label!

Lindt Chocolate Cafe Mocha

I walked past this cafe near my hotel in Sydney at 6 am (my hours were crazy from jet lag) and I decided to eat breakfast there when it opened at 7 am.

I had a delicious Lindt mocha with my ham and cheese croissant.

This mocha was very good, with a deep chocolate flavor. And they floated a Lindt chocolate tablet on top of the foam, plus added a Lindor truffle on the plate, for a little extra chocolate punch.

The cafe also sold a few Lindt bars that have not made it to the States yet, so expect them to be reviewed here soon!

Emma & Tom’s Cacao Chia Bar

I had a hankering for a snack one day in Sydney, and I saw these bars in a grocery store. I figured “hey chia, this bar will be good for me”.

Yuck! This bar was gross. It was dry and nearly flavorless, with just a slight chocolate flavor and just a touch of honey sweetness. And the texture was grainy and off-putting, and I didn’t really like the raw aftertaste.


Guylian Chocolate Mousse Cake

The night before the Sydney conference began, I went to a speaker event in downtown Sydney on the Circular Quay, and two friends I had met at the conference last year came by and brought me a mousse cake from Guylian.

Let’s take a closer look.

The cake had a sponge base with a chocolate mousse filling, was covered in dark ganache, and finally striped with white chocolate. And yum, it was good! And so rich that I would have had trouble finishing it, but my friends helped.

Thanks Lee and Sanita!


Classic Dark Tim Tams

I found genuine, Australian, dark chocolate Tim Tams in my local Target store!


I love how dark they were!


I took these to work to share, and three co-workers did a Tim Tam slam, where you bite off each end of the cookie and drink a liquid through it. You have to then eat the cookie quickly before it turns to mush!

Anthony tried it with hot chocolate, and he didn’t eat the cookie fast enough. He got hot chocolate all over his hoodie. Then Dini tried it with chocolate tequila, and she did it nearly perfectly, but she ended up with chocolate all over her lips and chin! Finally Nick tried it with hot tea, and he wasn’t fast enough and some of the cookie fell back into his tea. Tim Tam Slams are harder to do than they seem!

Cadbury Old Gold Roast Almond Dark Chocolate

I have always had a distrust of Cadbury chocolate. Too many bad experiences, I guess. But I saw this bar at a grocery store in Sydney and I had to get it.


This bar was amazing! First off, it was 200 grams, which is over 7 ounces, or almost half a pound. And when I opened it, it was dark and full of whole almonds, and it smelled divine. And the taste…magnificent! Deep rich cocoa flavor, paired with crunchy whole roasted almonds. Awesome. For a cheap bar I bought in a grocery store, I was floored! And my co-workers gobbled it up! For a bar that was two to three times bigger than a regular chocolate bar, it was gone in about five minutes. I wished I had bought two! This is the perfect chocolate snack: great chocolate over great almonds. Yum.

I take back everything I have said about you, Cadbury. You have redeemed yourself with this bar.