Arnott’s Mint Slice

I found these cookies at CostPlus World Market. They are made by the same company that makes Tim Tam’s, so I had high hopes!

These cookies are delicious! There was a crunchy chocolate wafer, topped with mint creme, and the whole thing was covered in dark chocolate. They were like a York Peppermint Patty mixed with a Girl Scout Thin Mint, and I loved them. So did my co-workers! There were a dozen cookies in the package, and my co-workers fought over the extra ones, which eventually had to be sliced up and shared.

I’m getting more of these!


Tim Tam Dark Mint

I found these at my local Target!

I have had regular Tim Tams, double-coated Tim Tams, and even dark chocolate Tim Tams, but I have never had dark chocolate mint Tim Tams, and they are the best of the bunch! Seriously, these are delicious, like bigger and better Thin Mints. My co-workers loved them, with one calling them “Fat Mints”. All I can say is that I am getting more of these! I want to see what they are like frozen.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Peppermint

I bought this milk chocolate Cadbury bar in Sydney, because I wanted one of their normal milk chocolate bars to compare to their dark milk bar.

This bar was OK. The chocolate was weak and meh (what do you expect from milk chocolate?), but the inner peppermint goo was pretty good. And according to my co-workers, it was as brightly green as the label shows. And they liked it, comparing it to a Junior Mint. And at 200g (or 7 oz) there was a LOT to like, with the bar breaking up into 32 individual squares of chocolate. I had one of my co-workers take a dozen squares back to her office to share with people there. There was just too much!

Cadbury Old Gold Original Dark Chocolate

I saw this bar in a grocery store in Sydney, and I remembered how much I loved the almond version, so I got this to compare.

This bar was good, but I liked the almond bar better. At 45% cacao, this bar is dark but not very, and the chocolate on its own is just OK. But cover it in almonds and wow, super yummy. Do yourself a favor, skip this bar and try the almond one!

Josophan’s Dark Belgian Chocolate With Freeze-Dried Passionfruit

I bought this bar during my trip to Australia last month, and I took it up to Robert’s place in Seattle over Memorial Day so we could try it together.

Yum! This bar was really good. I am already a fan of Josophan’s dark chocolate, but add a freeze-dried fruit, especially a delicious and exotic one like passion fruit, and that’s a winner. The chocolate was rich and deep, and the passion fruit was in crunchy, flavorful bits spread throughout the bar. We ate about half this bar almost immediately, and we were saving the rest for the next day, but it accidentally got all eaten up.

Cadbury Dark Milk

While I was in Australia, Cadbury released a new dark milk chocolate bar there. They said it was for Mother’s Day, but I knew it was for me.

This bar was delicious! It was 40% cacao, so it was fairly dark and it had a rich chocolate flavor while being super creamy at the same time. I thought it tasted like the inside of a chocolate truffle. A couple of my co-workers thought it had a raisin-like aftertaste, but they are crazy. One co-worker even thought there was a mild chili pepper aftertaste. He is even crazier!

Ignore them and enjoy this bar, if you can find it.