Zotter For Good Ones

This was the last Austrian bar in the second batch sent to me by my friend Tom D.

You might have guessed why I left this bar for last. It is a white chocolate bar, filled with honey caramel crisps. As any reader of this blog knows, white chocolate is not my first pick of chocolate bars. This one is very high quality though with smooth white chocolate, and the honey caramel was delicious, with a strong clover and cinnamon flavor. I thought the bar overall was too sweet, but one of my co-workers loved it and had three pieces.

Thanks Tom!


Zotter Labooko Super Dark Milk Chocolate

This was the next Austrian bar sent to me by my friend Tom D.

I know what you are thinking. I was thinking it too.

“What is this milk chocolate crap?”

But friends, this bar was AMAZING.

This bar is 80% cacao chocolate mixed with 20% whole milk (and a little vanilla). And that’s it. No sugar. No oil or nuts or stabilizers or anything. Chocolate. Milk. And it was fantastic.

It was super dark, super rich, super creamy and super good. It was slightly sweet, which I think was coming from the lactose in the whole milk. That just added to its greatness. I loved it. My co-workers loved it. One of my co-workers said, and I am quoting, “This is only technically milk chocolate. I think calling it that only confounds consumer expectations”. Well said.

I broke this bar into twelves pieces, and they were gone very quickly. I think if all milk chocolate was like this, I would be a milk chocolate fan.

Thank you Tom!

Zotter Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan

My friend Tom D. generously sent me more Austrian chocolate bars, so I started with this interesting-looking one.

This was an unusual bar. The center was a mix of marzipan (a sweet almond paste) and ground pumpkin seeds, and the whole thing was covered with a very dark milk chocolate (60% cacao). Flavored with apple brandy and cinnamon, the inside reminded me of poppy-walnut filling of Zotter’s Typically Austria bar, but the pumpkin seeds added their distinct flavor and reminded me of Halloween. I loved how dark the milk chocolate was (I would love milk chocolate if it was all like this), but its flavor was a little overpowered by the filling. I wondered why not go all the way and use a dark chocolate for a coating. Still, it was a pretty good bar, and one of the most unusual I have had lately.

Thanks Tom!

Zotter Heinrich Red Wine “Zalzberg Beerenauslese”

This is the last Zotter bar from my friend Tom D.

While I love a good bitter chocolate (in this case 70% cacao), I am not fond of raisins in my chocolate, and I am not a wine lover. However, this bar was quite pleasant. You can really taste the wine and the raisins, but they pair well with the chocolate. Want proof? I ate a second piece, and so did several of my co-workers.

Thanks Tom!

Zotter Typically Austria

My friend Tom D. sent me this interesting Austrian chocolate bar.

Wow, this bar was delicious! The poppy cream, walnut and cinnamon was all mixed together into a soft and deeply flavored nougat, which was covered with the darkest milk chocolate I have ever seen or tasted (the label said it was 50% cacao, but it seemed darker). The chocolate and the nougat paired wonderfully, and the walnut and cinnamon flavors were distinct, yet they didn’t overwhelm the chocolate flavor. This bar is definitely my favorite milk chocolate bar this year and my favorite Zotter bar, and it possibly might be my favorite milk chocolate bar ever.

Thanks Tom!

Zotter Labooko Dark Cuvée

I met an Austrian game developer, Tom D., at a conference last year in Croatia, and he offered to send me some Austrian chocolate that he liked. I got a package last week with three bars in it, and this was the first one I tried.

I have had several bars of this brand before, including a single origin Labooko, and they were all delicious. This bar was no exception. It was rich and creamy and tasted far darker than 70% cacao, and with the exception of three small cocoa nibs, it was super smooth. My co-workers loved it too, and everyone ate seconds and thirds.

Thanks Tom!

Zotter Chocolate Mint

I bought this Zotter bar in Seattle when I got the Mousse one.

Like the mousse bar, this bar had an inner wrapper that explained what it was.

I had high hopes for this bar, because the mousse bar was just so amazing. I wasn’t sure what to make of the addition of sugarcane brandy, but I was aboard with dark chocolate and mint.

And the bar was…OK. I liked it, but I expected it to be more Girl Scout Thin Mint, and what I got was more Wrigley Spearmint Gum. I liked it, but it was not amazing like the mousse bar. And my co-workers agreed. They liked it but didn’t love it.

Oh well, I still want to try the other Zotter bars!