Trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies Filled With Belgian Chocolate

I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s. I went looking for them based on the great review by Brenda at Become Betty.

I think Trader Joe’s sells great chocolate, and their cookies are usually pretty good too. These cookies were great! They were like round Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, but with much more chocolate filling. The filling is darker and more chocolatey too, so I think I like these cookies even more than Milanos. And that is saying a lot, since I grew up addicted to Milano cookies.

Thanks for the tip, Brenda!

p.s. The chocolate in these cookies is from Belgium, but the cookies themselves are baked in the Netherlands, so I marked both countries as the origin for these.


Godiva 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

This is the final purchase I made at the Godiva store.

This bar was very good, probably as good as non-single origin chocolate gets. It was super dark and rich, barely sweet, and somehow still creamy and velvety. I broke it into ten squares at work, but only four co-workers could make the chocolate eating meeting, so everyone had seconds. No one was unhappy about that.

Godiva Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

I also bought some dark chocolate bark at the Godiva store.

This bark was really good. I think I might have liked it better than their single origin bar, despite the fact that the bark had no special notes and didn’t even list a cacao percentage (I would guess it was around 65%). But it was deep and dark and had chocolate striping on top, so it was extra fudgey. I opened it at work and everyone had seconds and thirds, so I think it was a hit.

Astor 72% Cacao Year Of The Dog 2018 Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

My friend Lucy H. gave me this unusual chocolate bar, with the really long name.

I have had Astor chocolate before, but that chocolate was from Colombia, while this bar was Belgian chocolate imported by a company named Astor in New Jersey and labelled for the Chinese New Year, which for 2018 is the dog. What a pedigree this bar has, and it was superb! Very chocolatey, very smooth and very rich…this chocolate was a hit at the office! And my co-workers all had seconds and thirds, since there was so much of it.

Thanks Lucy!

Trader Joe’s Belgian Pound Plus Bar With Almonds

My mother-in-law Pam gave me this bar at Christmas this year.

I thought I had this bar on my blog already, but like the regular Pound Plus bar, I have eaten a ton of these but never blogged about them. So let’s fix that!

I thought this bar was delicious. It is only 54% cacao, but it tasted much darker, easily 65% or 70%. And there were a ton of almonds, full-size and not pieces, spread throughout this bar. I broke it apart and put it out for a chocolate eating meeting at work, and everyone liked. People had seconds and thirds…I had fifths. This is a really good bar, and there is a lot of it.

Thanks Pam!

Guylian Vanilla Seahorses

My co-worker Aarik D. gave me this box of Belgian chocolate seahorses.

Inside were sixteen seahorse, half covered in dark milk chocolate (31% cacao) and the other half covered in white chocolate (blech).

Needless to say, I didn’t try the white chocolate ones, but the milk chocolate ones were pretty good…for milk chocolate. They had a good chocolate flavor and were not overly sweet. My co-workers ate the rest, although it took some coercing to give away the last two white seahorses.

I have had mixed luck with Guylian. I had a dark chocolate bar that was bland, and some milk chocolate ones that were good, so I am never sure what to think of the brand. But their quality is excellent, so I respect their chocolatiers.

Thanks Aarik!

Côte d’Or Noir de Noir

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this HUGE chocolate bar, which I saved for a Large Bar Friday meeting of our chocolate eating group.

Inside were two foil wrapped dark chocolate bars.

I opened both, and since they were shaped to break easily into pieces, I broke them up and constructed a chocolate Jenga-like tower.

I have had Côte d’Or bars before, and like their past offerings, this chocolate was quite good. It had a very rich flavor, but it was a little too sweet for me. The label didn’t mention cacao percentage, but an online search showed it to be 56% cacao. A little lower than I like, but still, this was very good.

Thanks Dini!