Classic Wheels Extra Dark 72% Belgian Chocolate

My co-worker Leon B. found this bar in Iowa (yes, Iowa!) while he was there visiting his girlfriend’s family.

This bar was really good! At 72% cacao, it had a nice rich chocolate flavor, and it was surprisingly creamy too. It was big enough for everyone to have seconds and thirds, and they loved it. On top of that, it had a really cool cover with an old-timey racing car! Woo hoo!

Thanks Leon!

Cadbury Coco 70% Cacao Dark Bar

I found this bar at a grocery store in Sydney (although it was made in Belgium).

This was a very good bar, very rich and almost fudge-like. It was popular with the chocolate eating meeting group, which was a good thing, because this is my 1,700th bar on the blog! Yes, I have eaten seventeen hundred unique chocolate bars over the last twenty four years. And what a nice bar to celebrate with!

Josophan’s Fairtrade Dark Belgian Chocolate

While in Sydney, I bought some more chocolate at my favorite chocolatier, Josophan’s.

This bar was small but good. The chocolate did not taste as dark as I expected, so it was probably around 50%, give or take. It had a somewhat floral note to its chocolate flavor, but it was not a single-origin bar.

All in all, this was a good bar, but not nearly as good as their dark chocolate hazelnuts or their single-origin São Thomé bar. Those were fantastic, and I think they have spoiled me a little. And yes, I bought those both again, and they were just as good the second time.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Crisps

I found these at Trader Joe’s last week.

These crisps were exactly like the ones I found at CostPlus World Market a few years ago, being Pringles-like wafers of dark chocolate with crisped rice bits in them. This time I remembered to take a photo of how they are packaged.

Very cool looking chocolate, and very tasty too. I liked them and so did my co-workers, and despite there being thirty or so of these wafers, they were gone in minutes!

good & delish Dark & Nutty

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this HUGE chocolate bar.

I have had two good & delish bars before, an orange & almond one and a plain dark one, also both from Dini, and they were both quite good. But they were both German, not Belgian like this bar, and neither one was as huge as this bar, which weighed almost 11 ounces.

This bar was very good! While only 53% cacao, it had a good rich flavor, and it had lots of whole roasted almonds spread throughout the bar. And it was so big that my co-workers had seconds and sometimes even thirds. It was a quite a hit!

Thanks Dini!