Dandelion 70% Maya Mountain Belize Chocolate

I found this fancy bar at a high end grocery store in Pike Market in Seattle.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I was excited about this fancy bar. How fancy was the bar? It was sourced directly by Greg. Yes…Greg! Maybe one day I will meet this Greg.

But seriously, it only contains two ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar. How pure is that? And it tasted delicious. I couldn’t quite place the aftertaste, but it was strong. My co-workers thought it was citrus, but I thought it was more metallic. It certainly did not taste of honey, caramel, strawberries or cream like the label says. But it was good.

I will have to find more Dandelion chocolate.


Haigh’s Belize 63% Bar

I found this single origin bar at Haigh’s Chocolate Shop in Sydney.

Last year, I found single origin Ecuador and Dominican Republic bars at the same store. Like those bars, this one was very chocolatey and had its own signature aftertaste, in this case a cherry and citrus flavor that lingered after the chocolate was eaten. I really liked it, and so did my co-workers. I think Haigh’s shines when it makes single origin bars.

Moho Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs

My co-worker Leon B. gave me another bar from his parent’s trip to Belize.

Like their coffee bar, this bar was very good, but without the coffee flavoring, I could really taste the singular note of this chocolate, made with beans from a single valley in Belize. It was a surprising note, very tangy, almost like there was a bit of vinegar or sour cream in the chocolate. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it, and I liked it! So did my co-workers!

Thanks Leon and Leon parents!

Moho Belizean Coffee Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Leon B. gave me this chocolate bar, which he got from his parents, who took a trip to Belize.

I had never heard of a Moho bar before. I checked the back label.

This bar is not just single origin, but it is made with beans from a single valley in Belize! Wow!

I was eager to try this bar, so I jumped it forward in my queue for the office chocolate eating meeting. And it is a good bar too. I am not sure what the cacao percentage is because the coffee flavor was very strong. Very very strong. It nearly drowned out the chocolate flavor, but I still liked it. My co-workers liked it too, except for that one guy who doesn’t like coffee. He knows who he is.

Thanks Leon! And Leon’s parents!

Ritual Belize

We ate another Ritual bar at work.


This bar was a 75% cacao, single origin bar from Belize. In fact, it’s from a southern district of Belize called Toledo, not to be confused with the town in Ohio. This makes the bar even more restricted than a single origin country bar, so I expected quite a singular note, and I got one. There was a sour fruit aftertaste, which one of my co-workers thought tasted a bit like a raisin. The label said the bar had notes of dried fig, cherry and tobacco, but I didn’t taste anything like that. Still, everyone liked this bar, and one co-worker commented that every Ritual bar had been really good…and she’s right! I think this brand has been consistently fantastic, something I cannot say for almost any other brand, including Lindt.

Raaka 82% Belize

I found this bar in a new grocery store in Provincetown, in a natural foods store tucked away on Bradford Street.


Yum, this single origin bar was very good. It was very dark, and the chocolate flavor was strong and very deep, with a sour after-note that either came from its Belize origin or its aging process in a bourbon cask. I couldn’t tell which and I don’t care, because whatever they are doing is yummy.

Ritual Nib Bar

While in Park City, Utah for my sister-in-law’s wedding, I learned there was a chocolatier located just a few blocks from my hotel. Robert and I walked over and learned it was a Ritual chocolate! I had had a couple of their bars (thanks to my generous friend Connor), but they made eight more!

This was the first one I tried.


Before I get to the chocolate, check out their beautiful new labels. The old ones were nice and had animals on them, but these new ones had cool graphics and lots of good information. The back label not only listed ingredients, but it also listed what notes to expect in the chocolate.


And the whole cover unfolded and looked like a rocket ship!


The inside label indicated that this chocolate was single-origin, from farms located in a single district in Belize. And it was crafted at 7,000 feet, right in the store in Park City!

The bar itself was wrapped in foil-lined paper. We tried it at home (I bought an extra bar to take to work), and it was delicious! Just like the label promised, it was very earthy with a somewhat fruity aftertaste. I didn’t taste any nut flavor, but the cacao nibs provided a nice crunch. All in all, an extremely good bar, and I cannot wait to try the rest!