Dick Taylor Brazil

I got another Dick Taylor bar from my co-worker Ankur O.

I love these beautiful Dick Taylor labels. And according to the back label, this chocolate was not just single-origin, it was grown on a single estate in the Brazilian state of Bahia called Fazenda Camboa.

Unfortunately, this bar had bloomed pretty significantly. Like the last Dick Taylor bar from Ankur, this one also tasted tangy, like vinegar. I don’t think it had been stored properly either. But it was edible, and I wanted to try it, as did my co-workers, and we all had some, and we agreed there was something special underneath the bloom. I bet it would be fantastic if not bloomed.

Thanks Ankur.


Pierra Marcolini Saveurs Du Monde

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this box of eight single-origin chocolate tablets.


I have had Marcolini chocolate before, both as tablets and a single-origin bar, but never single-origin tablets.Inside, the tablets were marked by country, including one from Cuba, my first ever Cuban chocolate.


Robert and I split each tablet, and they were great! The ones from Madagascar and Ghana were the most chocolatey, with Peru and Brazil being less so, and Cuba and Ecuador were somewhat grainy, as if they had been conched less than the others. I am not sure where the Pierre Marcolini chocolates were from, but they didn’t have any single origin notes to them. All of the tablets were very good though.

Thanks Dini!

Åkesson’s 55% Dark Milk Chocolate

This was the last bar that the creative director Allen M. gave me.


Not just single origin, but this bar was made from a single farm in Brazil. I was intrigued! It was quite dark, which I expected from a 55% cacao bar, but the milk made it creamy and silky on my tongue, which was a fascinating texture in a bar as dark as this one. The overall flavor was quite fudge-like, and while there were no single origin notes, it was a very good bar. Yes, I am going on record as liking this milk chocolate bar. It was delicious, and I want to try more from this brand.

Thanks Allen! This was quite a treat!

Garoto Talento Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts

My co-worker Olivia V. went to Brazil and brought back some of these chocolates.


I have had the dark chocolate Talento with almonds, and it was fantastic. This bar was also good, and yes, it was milk chocolate. There was a nice chocolate flavor and lots of hazelnut chunks, and while it would have been even better as dark chocolate, I would happily eat more of this milk chocolate bar.

Thanks Olivia!

Nestle Passatempo

The last thing I bought at the Brazilian grocery in San Diego was this package of cookies.


I loved the graphics on this package, especially on the side.


I love that little smiley dude. He reminded me of Vault Boy in Fallout!

I started looking at the cookies. Each one was stamped with a picture of that smiley dude. This one really made me think of Vault Boy.


Then there was smiley dude on too much caffeine.


And smiley dude spelling out my name. “Give me a T”.


And smiley dude laughing so hard he is crying. Or maybe that is an incoming bullet (I told you this reminded me of Fallout).


In case you are wondering, these was some chocolate creme inside the vanilla cookies.


These cookies tasted fine. A little dry, not very sweet, not very chocolatey. In other words, everything I have come to expect from Brazilian treats. Don’t misunderstand me, I liked these cookies. And I had fun passing out these cookies and letting my co-workers compare the faces on them. But I think tomorrow, I will go back to our regular scheduled dark chocolate bars.

Nestle Suflair

I found this chocolate bar at a Brazilian grocery store in San Diego.


Despite the cover picture looking dark, this was a milk chocolate bar. It was filled with bubbles like an Aero bar, and it tasted pretty good. It was very chocolatey and creamy, and it melted quickly in your mouth. It was a very big bar too, at almost 4 ounces, and I shared it with my co-workers who also liked it a lot. Of course, I wished it had come in a dark chocolate version, like a dark Aero bar, but still, it was the best Brazilian chocolate that I found in that grocery store.

Bauducco Triple Chocolate Wafer

Here’s another treat I found in the Brazilian grocery store in San Diego.


These were…OK. And I am not just saying that because they had white chocolate in them. They were kinda dry and not very chocolatey, like the last two things I found in that Brazilian grocery. Is this just a Brazilian chocolate snack thing, to be dry and somewhat flavorless? Or is my American palette over-saturated with sugar? Oh well, I have a few more treats to try.