Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Balls

My co-worker Aarik D. gave me a couple of dark chocolate balls from Purdy’s that a visitor had brought into the office.

These were a very decent dark chocolate, but that was expected. I first had Purdy’s in 2011 and as recently as 2016, and their chocolate is always good. They are like the See’s of Canada.

Thanks Aarik!


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bittersweet Chocolate Nocturne

My friend Sissie C. brought me this chocolate bar from Canada.

First off, wow, this was a great chocolate bar! Despite being really high in cacao, at 91%, it was smooth and creamy, like a bar in the 70-80% range. And second, wow, this is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? I have had dark bars from them, and they have been exceedingly average and plain. Not this one! It was a HUGE hit with my co-workers at the daily chocolate eating meeting, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks Sissie!

Organicfair Canadiana

This was the last bar of the set my friend Mike H. gave me.


This was a very good bar, much better than the Burroughs Maple Bar, even though that bar had more cacao than this one. I liked that every flavor was front and present: the chocolate, the apples, the maple syrup and the smoked salt. They all combined so well. My co-workers really liked this bar, so it was hard to tell, but I think this one and the 83% bar were tied for the best chocolate.

Thanks Mike!

Organicfair Forte

My friend Mike H. gave me this bar when Robert and I met him for lunch a couple of weeks ago.


This bar was very good. At 83% cacao, it was almost perfectly in my sweet spot, being a little sweet and a lot chocolatey. My co-workers really liked it too. I think I have made them into chocophiles and they like the darker stuff now.

Thanks Mike!

Whistler Dark Chocolate 72%

My friend Mike H. gave me this chocolate bar that he found in Canada.


First off, I love the label, with two bears in a hot tub drinking. That’s so Canada, huh? And I love the whole bright red color, which must be super bright if I can tell it’s red (since I am color blind). But the best thing? This bar was really good! It was dark and smooth and super chocolatey, and people wanted seconds and thirds. I need to find more from this brand.

Thanks Mike!

Jelina Cranberry Almond Dark Chocolate

We ate the last Jelina bar that I bought in Provincetown.


This bar was just OK (and not nearly the hit that their plain dark bar was). The almonds were broken into little pieces, and the cranberries were in some squares but not others. And the chocolate tasted different, not nearly as dark and fudgey as their plain bar. My co-workers said it was ok, and then I had to go to a meeting. Ninety minutes later, there were still pieces on my desk. I guess they weren’t fans.