I Heart Victoria 62% Cacao Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this chocolate bar from Canada (made with imported Belgian chocolate).

I really liked this label. It was interesting and colorful and really gave off a good vibe about the city of Victoria.

But that was the front of the bar. This bar said on the back it was “the finest chocolate experience”©. Yes, they copyrighted that phrase, so I decided to have my co-workers test that phrase. One said “yeah, it’s fine. Like in mediocre”. Another said “Sometimes when my wife is sad I ask her how she is, and she says fine. This bar is like that”. Still another said “maybe this is the finest chocolate they can make? Like, they are still getting better”.

Personally, jokes aside, I thought this bar was okay. It tasted almost exactly like chocolate chips. You know, like sweet dark chocolate with absolutely no special notes or characteristics. It would be good with something, but alone it was kind of bland.

Thanks Dini. It was fine.


Turkey Hill Icewine Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in one last Turkey Hill bar.

This dark chocolate had a strong floral smell, but it tasted like a sweet dark chocolate with an interesting aftertaste. One co-worker described it as “a cherry cordial without the cherry”. I liked it, and so did most of my co-workers.

Thanks Dini!

Turkey Hill Maple Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in another Turkey Hill Maple bar, this one without the espresso.

Wow, this bar was really good. Like the espresso bar, it released a cloud of maple syrup odor when I opened it, like waffles had just been served. And it also had more of a crystalline sugar structure, which is why I think they named the bar “crunch”. Everyone who tried it really liked it, with several people commenting that it would be fun to bake with this bar, to make chocolate chip pancakes or cookies with it. All in all, it’s amazing how Turkey Hill blends chocolate and maple flavors so well.

Thanks Dini!

Turkey Hill Maple Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. returned from a trip to Canada bearing gifts. This was the first one we opened.

When I opened this package, a strong smell of maple syrup emerged, and no fewer than three people who came in later commented on it. There was a lot of maple syrup flavor in this bar, and you would think it would overwhelm the chocolate flavor, but somehow it did not. I think it was due to the espresso, whose bitterness balanced the maple sweetness. Somehow it all merged with the chocolate into a tasty combination, and everyone who tried the bar enjoyed it.

Thanks Dini!

Theobroma 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

My friend Sissie C. also gave me this bar from Canada.

This was a long thin bar of chocolate that broke into six sections, each about the size of a Tootsie Roll. The chocolate flavor was quite rich, almost more than I would expect from 72% cacao, and there was a distinct tangy aftertaste, like this bar was a single origin chocolate. But it is not listed as such.

It turns out I had one taste of Theobroma back in 2004. I liked it, but it didn’t taste like this. Also, I thought that bar was labeled as made in Alaska, but this one clearly says it was made in Canada.

Thanks Sissie!

Old Firehall Confectionery 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

My friend Sisse C. brought me this bar back from a trip to Canada.

This was an interesting bar. When I first bit into it, there was no taste at all, almost like I just bit into wax. Then as I chewed it, a dark rich chocolate flavor emerged, along with an astringency that pulled all of the water from my mouth into the chocolate. By the time I finished chewing, the chocolate flavor was intense, but I needed a sip of water.

I liked it! Thanks Sissie!