Chilean chocolate

In October of 1994, my boss Tom got back from a trip to Chile, and he brought some fantastic dark chocolate back with him. The first was a delicious bitter sweet chocolate, far less sweet than dark chocolate in the U.S.

I was beginning to notice something here. Chocolate bars in the States have way more sugar in the them than imported bars. They are almost like candy than dessert items.

The next bar looked like milk chocolate, but it was rich and dark and filled with ooey-gooey mint creme. Yes, ooey-gooey is the technical term for this substance. You can look it up on Wikipedia.

And the last bar was the pièce de résistance, a bar of exquisite dark chocolate taste. It was very smooth and melted in my mouth as I ate it, a sign of lots of rich cocoa butter in the bar. Eighteen years later, I still remember how good this bar was!

I have never been to Chile, but I would like to travel through South America some day, tasting all of these bars again.