I-Mei Crunchoco

Here’s another cookie product that Robert and I found in a local Asian grocery store.


This box contained six individually wrapped dark chocolate and almond cookies. They didn’t look exactly like the label, but they were very dark.


I thought these were delicious! They were very crunchy and richly chocolate, but still very light, almost if they had puffed rice in them. They fell apart easily and were kind of hard to eat without causing a mess, but I loved them. I ate two immediately, shared some with Robert, and saved the rest for later.


Hershey’s Special Dark Balls

My friend Tiff C. brought me these candies from a trip she took to China in 2013.


These were good, if just standard Hershey dark chocolate. Being in ball form was unusual, as was the container, which was a solid metal tin like the kind that Altoid mints come in. The tin was slightly bent, so it would not sit level on my scanner, which is why the above picture is slightly out of focus.

China and chocolate, then and now

My friend Tiffany brought me back two chocolate bars from her trip to China.


One of them was milk chocolate and one was dark, but neither one was very good. The chocolate taste was very weak, leading me to suspect that they were both low in cacao. But I loved the labels! The contrast between the bars (one milk and one dark) was represented in the two labels (one horizontal and one vertical, one black and white and one color, one old and one new). Very cool.