Hotel Chocolat Dark Aracataca 95%

I tried a 95% cacao bar from the box that my co-worker Michael K. got me from the Hotel Chocolat in London.

This bar was not just single origin, it was single town, being made from cacao harvested from farms around the town of Aracataca in Colombia. It was incredibly dark, with just a touch of sweetness to offset its malty flavor. Yes, for once I agreed with the label and thought the single origin note of this chocolate tasted like a malty ale, and my co-workers agreed. Then we all ate seconds!

Thanks Michael!


Trader Joe’s Roasted Cocoa Nibs

I found these at Trader Joe’s on their “What’s New?” shelf, which always gets me to buy new things.

These were simply cacao nibs, roasted and broken into pieces. They are crunchy but not too hard, kind of like peanuts. They are quite bitter, but being 100% sourced from the Huila state in Colombia, they also had that singular note found in single origin chocolate. In this case, there was an earthy roasted flavor that I quite enjoyed, and so did my co-workers. Yes, I convinced eight other people to try pure, unadulterated cacao nibs, and they liked it too. One co-worker even took some to try in her coffee. Over the past six years, I think I have really educated their chocolate palettes.

I have never been so proud.

Recchiuti single-origin truffles

My friend Tiff C. sent me these single-origin truffles from Recchiuti for my birthday (not to be confused with the other Recchiuti truffles she sent me too).


Inside the box were four truffles, one each from Madagascar, Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador.


I think my favorite was the one from Ecuador, which had such a deep chocolate flavor, but the Colombian one was a close second. The others were good too, but the Madagascar one tasted like fruit and the Venezuelan one was the least chocolatey of the bunch, Oh, who am I kidding? These are Recchiuti so they were all great!

Thanks Tiff!

Astor Banana Almond Dark Chocolate 59%

I tried the other Astor bar that my friend Sissie C. got me during her trip to Colombia.


This bar was very good. The chocolate wasn’t as dark and rich as the previous bar, but I liked the sun-dried banana, which added a nice banana flavor while staying fairly soft. The crunchy almonds added a nice texture to the bar, too. My co-workers liked it too, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks Sissie!

Astor Dark Chocolate 70%

My friend Sissie C. brought me back this bar from a trip she took to Colombia.


Yum, this bar was delicious! It was very dark yet very creamy, despite having no milk in it. And its taste was almost fudge-like, with a very chocolatey flavor. I had three pieces, and I wanted more! My co-workers loved this bar too, and one declared it his favorite, while a couple of others said it was the best bar we had had in weeks, perhaps months. I’d say this was a hit.

Thanks Sissie!