Kraš Dorina Tamna

I found this chocolate bar in the same chocolatier in downtown Dubrovnik as the Kraš Napolitanke wafers.

Surprise! When I examined the label more carefully, I discovered I had purchased a diet bar, sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar. Still, it was 50% cacao, so how bad could it be? Answer: not bad. Not good either. It tasted like a somewhat bland, mildly dark chocolate bar with a hint of mint flavor, which I expect came from the Stevia. My co-workers didn’t like it, but they didn’t mind it either. So there was that.


KPlus Čokolada

I bought this bar at a grocery store in Croatia.

I loved this bar! It was very rich and chocolatey, much more than 48% cacao would have led me to believe. It even had a nice roasted aftertaste. The label reads “For eating and cooking” in Croatian, but I can only attest that it is good for eating. Maybe I should have bought another one to cook with!

Mikado Brusnica

I found this bar at a grocery store near my hotel in Dubrovnik. Its name sounded Japanese but the label said it was made in Croatia.

This bar was delicious! It was very dark with a pronounced chocolate flavor, and the cranberries were dried, minced and spread evenly throughout the bar. Each cranberry bit provided a nice sharp taste of fruit to each bite of the bar. My co-workers really liked it too. I think it is the best chocolate from Croatia I have tried yet!

Kraš Bajadera

I found the bar form of one of the pralines I ate yesterday.

Like the praline, this bar was a hazelnut-almond paste with chocolate on the top and bottom. While the chocolate flavor was still quite pronounced, I found the bar to be somewhat sweeter than the praline. I think I liked the praline better.

I shared this bar with my co-workers, and they thought it was OK. After so many dark chocolate bars, I think I have spoiled them.

Kraš Assorted Chocolates

While in Dubrovnik, I also got this Kraš chocolate assortment.

I am not sure what is assortment is supposed to celebrate. There is no writing on it, but I liked the little roses on the box, so I got it. Inside were just three different types of pralines.

The first one, the rectangular one, was called Bajadera, and it was a hazelnut-almond paste with chocolate on the top and bottom. I liked it. It reminded me of a fancy Reese’s peanut butter cup.

The second, the round red one, was called Griotte, and it was a small little cherry in a sweet liqueur filling, all covered in milk chocolate. I thought it was good too, and not nearly as sweet as an American cherry cordial.

Finally, the last praline just said Kraš on it. It was a milk chocolate shell with a nut paste filling, probably hazelnut and/or almond like the Bajadera one, but some of the nuts pieces were still in it, leaving it crunchy. I liked it too.

All of these pralines would have been way better as dark chocolate, of course, but I was surprised at how much I liked them. They had a good chocolate flavor and were not overly sweet like American pralines.

Kraš Napolitanke

While in Dubrovnik in Croatia, I went to visit Old Downtown, where they film many of the exterior shots of the show Game Of Thrones on HBO. I ate excellent seafood near this narrow street.

I really liked this old church.

I found a Kraš chocolatier store on this street.

I bought this box of chocolate wafers there.

The box was huge, over a pound, and inside was two layers of 28 wafers each.

These wafers were quite good, very crispy and light, and not too sweet. I liked them and thought the chocolate flavor was very good, but of course, I wished for a darker chocolate. My co-workers loved them though, and I had enough to share with a LOT of co-workers.

This was my first Croatian chocolate, but it would not be my last.