Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs

My co-worker Dini S. brought HUGE box of chocolate liqueurs into the office.

This box was made to celebrate the Year of the Pig (hence the gold pig on the cover) and the inside held a LOT of liqueur bottles.

I have had an Anthon Berg vodka-filled chocolate bottle before, and these were very similar except filled with cognac. They were also quite good, with decent dark chocolate for the bottle and a heady dose of alcohol inside. I had two of them and I was a little buzzed, so being a workday, I stopped there. At least eight co-workers, including a guest programmer from SpaceX, came by to try them, and they all seemed to enjoy the bottles too. It was quite the successful chocolate eating meeting!

Thanks Dini!


Anthon Berg Cran-Raspberry Vodka Filled Chocolate

My co-worker Constant G. gave me this chocolate liquor bottle filled with cranberry-raspberry flavored vodka.

This yummy treat reminded me of the Fazer vodka treats that I had had earlier this year. Under the silver foil was a dark chocolate “bottle” filled with flavored vodka, with a little bit of crunchy sugar crystals too. It was quite good, if a bit heady to try on a Tuesday morning at 10am.

And surprise! This is my first ever chocolate from Denmark! How is it even possible that I have never had chocolate from there?!

Thanks Constant!