Pierra Marcolini Saveurs Du Monde

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this box of eight single-origin chocolate tablets.


I have had Marcolini chocolate before, both as tablets and a single-origin bar, but never single-origin tablets.Inside, the tablets were marked by country, including one from Cuba, my first ever Cuban chocolate.


Robert and I split each tablet, and they were great! The ones from Madagascar and Ghana were the most chocolatey, with Peru and Brazil being less so, and Cuba and Ecuador were somewhat grainy, as if they had been conched less than the others. I am not sure where the Pierre Marcolini chocolates were from, but they didn’t have any single origin notes to them. All of the tablets were very good though.

Thanks Dini!

ChocStars Kitty Purry

My sisters-in-law gave me this chocolate bar as a stocking stuffer at Christmas.


OK, nowhere on this label does it say Kitty Purry, but you know that’s who it is! And wow, this bar was delicious! At 50% cacao, I expected something lightly chocolatey, but the flavor of this bar was much deeper, like that of a 70% cacao bar easily. My co-workers loved it and couldn’t believe it was only 50% cacao. We really couldn’t taste any singular notes, but this label said this bar was all Ecuadorian chocolate. All I know is, I want more!

Thanks Jennifer and Brittney!

Agami Vanilla Coconut 70% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in another Agami bar.


This bar was not as good as yesterday’s peppermint yacon bar. There was so much vanilla and coconut that I couldn’t taste the chocolate, and it had less cacao too. Still, it had an interesting flavor and crumbly texture, and it made me curious about tomorrow’s bar. Yes, Charlie brought a third one.

Thanks Charlie!

Agami Peppermint Yacon 77% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought this bar into work for us to try.


This bar was unusual for several reasons. It was raw, meaning it was conched at a low temperature, making it a little gritty. It was single origin, made with beans from Ecuador, but there were no distinctive notes because the peppermint flavor was so strong. As for the yacon, I am not sure I could taste it. It is a sweet tuber used to make syrup, but in a 77% bar, there was not much used. Still, I liked this bar, and my co-workers were intrigued with it too. Charlie brought a few more bars for us to try, so we will see how those taste.

Thanks Charlie!

Cacao Sampaka Venezuela & Ecuador 91%

I found this bar in Seattle two weeks ago. I saw the 91% cacao and I had to have it.


Like the Raaka bar, this is a dual-origin bar, with beans from both Venezuela and Ecuador being blended together, with the bar itself being made in Spain. And it was delicious! Very deep and rich and oh so chocolatey. No real single origin notes, not that I expected any. But it had a very, very deep flavor. So good.

I also want to point out that this “bar” was actually two bars, split down its height! So this box had two thin bars, both the length and width of the box. So when I broke them up, there were enough pieces for people to have seconds and thirds, and yes, they wanted them. I would love to try more of this brand!

Pump Street Bakery Chocolate Ecuador 85%

I found this bar in the same grocery in Seattle as the last few bars.


This bar was made in England with beans from Ecuador, which makes me think I should include both the cacao origin and the bar manufacture country in my category tags. Oh well, it’s been more than 1,500 bars now. It’s much too late to start that.

Anyway, this bar was very dark and very rich, with a somewhat nutty and bread-like flavor. Reading the back label I saw the cacao was roasted in the bakery’s bread ovens, which explains a lot. I really loved this bar, and so did my co-workers, and I want to try other bars from this brand.