Trader Joe’s An Assortment Of Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles

Continuing the Trader Joe’s truffle collections this year, I picked up this box too,.

Inside were 36 little truffles, nine each of four different flavors. Clockwise, these were prosecco in white chocolate, gin in milk chocolate, whiskey in dark chocolate, and rum in milk chocolate.

Since there were so many truffles, my co-workers and I tried all four flavors. I liked the whiskey in dark chocolate the best, but the rum one wasn’t bad. The gin one tasted like bathroom cleaner, and the less said about the prosecco one, the better. My co-workers were mixed on these. While most liked the whiskey ones, a couple hated them. Several co-workers liked the gin ones (blech), and a few hated the rum ones. I don’t think anyone liked the prosecco ones,and they were the last to go.

If you only buy one truffle collection at Trader Joe’s this month, I’d stick with yesterday’s dessert truffles.


Amelia Rope Chocolate Espresso Coffee Bean Dark 70%

My co-worker Leonard B. brought this bar back from a trip to London.

This chocolate was VERY good. At 70% cacao, the depth and flavor of the chocolate was perfect, and the addition of just a touch of coffee (about half a percent, according to the label) made the chocolate taste that much richer without overpowering it. What a great introduction to this new brand!

Thanks Leon!

Hotel Chocolat Boo! Caramel

My world-traveling friend Lucy sent me these caramels from Hotel Chocolat just in time for Halloween.

Normally I wouldn’t review caramels, but these were so good and also from the Hotel Chocolat that I decided to make an exception. They were not overly sweet and quite soft, although they did arrive in the mail on a day where the temperature reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so that may have contributed to their softness. I am really beginning to like this brand, which is convincing me to like caramel and milk chocolate!

Thanks Lucy!

McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestives

I found these “cookies” at CostPlus World Market in both milk and dark chocolate versions, so of course I bought the dark ones.

I opened this package at work to find 17 wheat biscuits, each one with one side coated lightly in dark chocolate. The biscuits were not very sweet, and I don’t think the chocolate was very dark, since it looked and tasted light. I would guess 50% cacao, maximum. My co-workers seemed to enjoy them, and there were enough that I had some left over to share the next morning during an impromptu animation meeting.

Rococo Assortment

My friend Lucy gave me this assortment of chocolates from Rococo, which she picked up in London before taking a trip to Ireland.

Lucy has given me Rococo bars before, but this was the first boxed chocolate set. Inside were a dozen assorted chocolates.

I shared these with my co-workers, trying the bottom left one myself. According to the guide, it was rose, lychee and raspberry flavored.

I thought it was delicious, with a great floral-fruity combination that went well with the smooth dark chocolate shell. My co-workers loved their chocolates too, and there was just enough for everyone to have one.

Thanks Lucy!

Montezuma’s Absolute Black With Cacoa Nibs

I found this bar at Trader Joe’s. I saw the 100% on the label and I had to have it.

I have had 100% cacao bars before (including several Cacao Parlor ones recently), and I have even had a Montezuma bar before, but I have never had a 100% bar with cocoa nibs in it. In addition to adding texture, these nibs made the bar seem even darker and more astringent, but I really liked it. Yes, the bar pulled all of the water from my mouth, but the chocolate flavor was strong and quite pronounced. And my co-workers liked it too, which surprised me. A year ago a 100% bar had them cringing and saying it was too much, but this bar had them reaching for seconds and thirds. I think I have refined their palettes for chocolate!