Fazer Raisins & Hazelnuts In Milk Chocolate

This week we ate the last Fazer bar from Reemi H. in Finland.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this bar, but I really liked it. The milk chocolate was rich and creamy, and the hazelnuts added a nice crunch and a pleasant roasted flavor to the bar. And the raisins? Thankfully there were not that many of them, because I don’t like raisins in chocolate (or in bread or in pastries, but I do like raisins by themselves). And my co-workers liked this bar too. Despite it being very large, it was gone in minutes,

Thanks Reemi! You were very kind and very very generous to send me so many chocolate bars. And now I have a new favorite chocolate brand: Fazer!


Fazer Milk Chocolate

We have finished almost all of the chocolate bars that Reemi H. sent from Finland. My co-worker Roby A. wanted to try this plain milk chocolate bar today.


This bar was fairly good. It had some decent chocolate flavor and a great mouth feel from the whole milk used to make it (most of the milk chocolate in the States is made with milk powder), but still…it was plain milk chocolate. But my co-workers loved it, especially Matt S., who came back several times for more.

Thanks Reemi!

Fazer Red Berries In Milk Chocolate

My co-worker Brian M. picked today’s Fazer bar.


This bar was very good. The milk chocolate was smooth and creamy and even had a decent amount of chocolate flavor. Plus there were chewy tart cranberry chunks, and lots of crispy bits that crunched like puffed rice and tasted like raspberries. A look at the ingredients revealed raspberry powder, so I think that they were raspberry-flavored rice crisps. Yum!

Fazer Peppermint Crisps In Milk Chocolate

I let my coworker Roby A. pick today’s bar, and he wanted this one.


I didn’t think I would like this bar because I am not a huge fan of peppermint, but I did like it. The peppermint flavor was very mild and didn’t overpower the chocolate. I would describe it as “peppermint you taste in your mouth but not in your nose”, since many times peppermint can be crazy strong. Everyone else seemed to like it too, and most of the bar was gone very quickly.

Once again, thanks Reemi H.!

Fazer Chopped Hazelnuts In Milk Chocolate

I wanted a bar with crunch today, so I picked out this one.


This bar was another from the huge collection of Fazer bars that Reemi H. sent to me. Fazer milk chocolate is very good, and the chopped hazelnuts gave it a crunch and a roasted flavor that was very nice, but I couldn’t help but think…this would be so much better with dark chocolate. In any case, many of my co-workers loved this bar and helped themselves to seconds, so it quickly disappeared.

Fazer 47% Dark Chocolate

I let my lead Adam B. pick today’s bar, and he wanted something dark.



This bar was very good. The chocolate was dark and flavorful. Yes, I have had darker chocolate (much darker), but this bar just tasted so chocolatey that everyone wanted more. I think I had four pieces myself, but even Adam and Roby took two pieces, and they usually stop at one. This was a good chocolate bar, plain and simple.

Fazer Liquorice Drage In Milk Chocolate

I let my co-worker Roby A. pick a bar today, and he wanted to try this curious bar from the Fazer collection sent to me by Reemi H.


This large milk chocolate bar was studded with little black licorice candies that reminded me of Good & Plenty. I was not a fan, as I don’t like black licorice. The taste overwhelmed any flavor from the chocolate and it lingered in my mouth for an hour afterward. Robert liked the bar, as did a couple of co-workers, but everyone else who tried it didn’t like it.