Angelina Giandujas

My co-worker Constant G. gave me this tin of truffles from his trip to Paris.

Inside was a bag of individually wrapped giandujas, which are a little truffles made from a mix of hazelnut paste and milk chocolate.

These were very tasty (and yes, they are milk chocolate)! The hazelnuts and chocolate paired wonderfully, like some kind of high-quality Super Nutella. They actually taste like the inside of truffles I have had before, and I thought coating them in dark chocolate would be a wonderful idea.  However, my co-workers and I devoured them all in minutes.

Thanks Constant!


Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this box of wonderful.

This box contained two dozen truffles. Each one was a soft center of dark chocolate, rolled in chopped hazelnuts. Delicious! They tasted almost exactly like Ferrero Rocher, but with dark chocolate instead of milk, and with no wafer center. I loved them.

Thanks Dini!

Alain Ducasse Pâte À Tartiner

My new producer Tony H. brought by some more Alain Ducasse for me to taste.

This was a chocolate spread made from hazelnuts and almonds. It was similar to Nutella, but it had much more chocolate and almond flavors (I couldn’t really taste any hazelnut), and it was much more textured than Nutella, which is a more of a smooth butter as opposed to this crunchy paste. I compared this product to a very high-quality batch of chocolate-covered almonds that had been ground up. Delicious but very rich. One small spoonful was all I could try.

Thanks Tony!

Alain Ducasse Fourée 75%

A new producer Tony H. shared this chocolate that he picked up in Paris.

I was excited to try this, because the only other Alain Ducasse bar that I tried had bloomed. And this one was delicious! It was a thin shell of dark 75% cacao chocolate filled with an almond-pistachio paste. The paste was delicately flavored like the two nuts and not very sweet at all, so it went very well with the chocolate. Tony shared a generous portion but I could easily have eaten the whole thing. It was a very good bar.

Thanks Tony!

Angelina Dark Orange

My co-worker Nicole E. brought me another Angelina bar from Paris.

This bar had 71.4% cacao (just 0.1% less than their regular dark bar) and it contained no milk powder, but it also had chunks of soft candied orange peel throughout. I normally don’t like chocolate and orange flavors together, but this worked. The chocolate was very dark and deeply flavored, and the orange was subtle and not too sweet. I liked it, and so did my co-workers.

Thanks Nicole!

Angelina Dark Chocolate 71.5% Cacao

My co-worker Nicole E. went to France and England, and she brought back this bar from Paris.

This bar was really good It was very dark and rich and creamy, which is not surprising given that the ingredients listed whole and skim milk powder. I am not sure why that doesn’t make this a milk chocolate bar, or dark milk as the kids say these days, but it doesn’t. And I don’t care, because this bar was very good and easily as chocolatey as any other 70-75% cacao dark chocolate bar I have tried.

Thanks Nicole!

Lindt Raspberry Intense

I bought another Lindt bar to try, one that is not new but somehow has missed my attention.

I was not a fan.The bar was only 49% cacao, and there were a lot of freeze-dried raspberry pieces throughout it. It was so tart that the chocolate flavor was completely lost, making it almost like tart raspberries embedded in sweet wax. Oddly, I liked their Intense Pear and Intense Orange offerings, so maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for tartness, or maybe I have completely moved past “low cacao” bars. In any case, I simply wasn’t impressed with this one. There were even leftovers (which almost never happens!), which means my co-workers weren’t fans either.

p.s. I also think it was odd that this bar was called Raspberry Intense, but the others are Intense Pear and Intense Orange (and there is even an Intense Mint). Maybe it was a translation error, since in French this bar would be called “framboise intense”. Oh well, it’s a minor mystery.