Trader Jacques’ Chocolate Marbles

I saw on Become Betty’s site that Trader Joe’s had a new truffle pack. I had to get it.


This was a sixteen pack of different flavored truffles.


The flavors were listed on the back (and they are different than the flavors of their Extraordinary Eggs).


I took a close up of the marbles, to show how cool they looked.


I tried the chocolate mousse and coconut flavors, and while they were good, they were WAY too sweet. I think these would have been better as dark chocolate truffles, but for four bucks, what did I expect? My co-workers liked them, though. The other fourteen truffles disappeared quickly.

Thanks Betty!

Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%

My co-worker Charlie S. donated this bar to the chocolate eating meeting.


This chocolate was fantastic. It exploded  with a deep dark chocolate taste that I normally expect from chocolate that has 80% cacao or more, not from a 71% cacao bar. Everyone loved this bar and wanted seconds.

It turns out I have had this bar before. But since it was so long ago and so good and not under its own heading, I decided to include it again.

Thanks Charlie!

Valrhona Noir Guanaja

My co-worker Cathy N. gave me this full-sized Valrhona bar that she got in an Advent calendar. It was the chocolate for Christmas Eve.


I had had this bar before with cacao nibs, but that was four years ago. I wasn’t fond of that bar because the nibs made it chalky. I suspected it would be better without them, and I was right. This bar was fantastic! So rich and deeply chocolate, I loved it. My co-workers did too, and the bar disappeared quickly.

Thanks Cathy!

Valrhona Caraïbe

My co-worker Cathy N. gave me this bar from a dark chocolate Valrhona Advent calendar her mother had sent her.


Yum, this tablet of chocolate was delicious! It tasted much deeper and richer than its 66% cacao would suggest. There was deep chocolatey flavor that almost like fudge. It was even a little creamy. I would try this again in a heartbeat!

Thanks Cathy!

Le Comptoir De Mathilde Choco’Message Cœur “Je T’aime” Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Kylan C. got back from a trip to France, and he brought this unusual dark chocolate from Tulette that you had to break with a mallet.


The chocolate was originally in the shape of a heart, but it had already been beaten by the time I came to it. The name of the chocolatier was on the side of the box: Le Comptoir De Mathilde. And the heart was on their website.


This chocolate was quite good! It was sweet but still quite rich, and I really liked it. Of course, it is hard to go wrong with French dark chocolate. And what is really cool is that this is my 1500th post to this blog, and it happened on a post of a French dark chocolate heart!

Thanks Kylan!

Francois Pralus Djakarta

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this bar that he bought while on a trip he took to San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference 2016.


This bar was very good. It was very dark and very rich and tasted much sweeter than you would expect a 75% cacao bar to taste. We thought it was a single origin bar, since it had a very singular note like that of a sweet wine, but when I checked the back label, I saw that no, it was a mix a beans from Ghana and Indonesia, made in France. Still, while not a single origin bar, an excellent blend of cacao did go into this bar. Everyone loved it.

The name Pralus seemed familiar, and it turns out I have had this brand once before, in the form of a stack of ten 50g single origin bars, all 75% cacao. They were delicious, but I don’t remember how each individual bar tasted. Well, now is my chance to find out, because Brian brought back several full-size versions of those bars. So stay tuned, more Pralus is to come!

Thanks Brian!

Trader Joe’s Extraordinary Eggs

I found these chocolate eggs at Trader Joe’s while shopping for lunch meals on a weekend.


Each egg was made of milk chocolate with a candy coating and flavored center.The eggs are packed in a golden egg crate, with four eggs of four different flavors, for a total of sixteen eggs. From left to right, these egg flavors were cookie, almond, caramel and raspberry.


Look how pretty these eggs were! Here’s a close up of the raspberry and caramel ones.


Taste-wise, these eggs were just OK. The milk chocolate wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. And I was not fond of the raspberry filling, which was way too sweet. The caramel was pretty good, and the almond and cookie filling were OK. Nothing was off about the flavors, but they weren’t very intense either, and all of them were too sweet and none of them were fantastic. I was surprised these were made in France, because French chocolate is usually much better.

Overall. these were fine to try once, but I doubt I’d get them again. They were pretty to look at, though!