Nestle Dessert Noir

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this French chocolate bar that she found in a cafe in Costa Mesa.

We were all very excited, thinking the 100% on the front cover meant it was a pure 100% cacao bar. But sadly, it was not.

See the bottom left of the back label? It is a 52% cacao bar. Kinda sweet for my tastes, but still a very good bar. And my co-workers liked it too, devouring the entire 205 gram (almost half a pound) bar in 15 minutes. And in addition to the chocolate mousse recipe on the back, the entire inside label was recipes!

I guess this “dessert” bar is for making desserts, not eating as a dessert!

Thanks Dini!


Lindt Roasted Hazelnut

I bought this “new” Lindt bar at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

I say “new” in quotes because I had this bar years ago as a Lindt Classic bar, and again in milk chocolate form too. Both were very good, and I wanted to see how this one compared. It was quite good, with a nice dark flavor (much richer than 47% cacao would lead me to believe) and the hazelnuts were chopped and distributed throughout the bar, so each bite had some crunch and flavor from the nuts. I would have preferred a darker chocolate, but still, this was very good.

Oddly, this Swiss bar was made in France and sold in Australia, where I bought it and came back to the United States to share it with my co-workers. This bar had a lot of miles on it!

Trader Jacques’ Chocolate Marbles

I saw on Become Betty’s site that Trader Joe’s had a new truffle pack. I had to get it.


This was a sixteen pack of different flavored truffles.


The flavors were listed on the back (and they are different than the flavors of their Extraordinary Eggs).


I took a close up of the marbles, to show how cool they looked.


I tried the chocolate mousse and coconut flavors, and while they were good, they were WAY too sweet. I think these would have been better as dark chocolate truffles, but for four bucks, what did I expect? My co-workers liked them, though. The other fourteen truffles disappeared quickly.

Thanks Betty!

Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%

My co-worker Charlie S. donated this bar to the chocolate eating meeting.


This chocolate was fantastic. It exploded  with a deep dark chocolate taste that I normally expect from chocolate that has 80% cacao or more, not from a 71% cacao bar. Everyone loved this bar and wanted seconds.

It turns out I have had this bar before. But since it was so long ago and so good and not under its own heading, I decided to include it again.

Thanks Charlie!

Valrhona Noir Guanaja

My co-worker Cathy N. gave me this full-sized Valrhona bar that she got in an Advent calendar. It was the chocolate for Christmas Eve.


I had had this bar before with cacao nibs, but that was four years ago. I wasn’t fond of that bar because the nibs made it chalky. I suspected it would be better without them, and I was right. This bar was fantastic! So rich and deeply chocolate, I loved it. My co-workers did too, and the bar disappeared quickly.

Thanks Cathy!

Valrhona Caraïbe

My co-worker Cathy N. gave me this bar from a dark chocolate Valrhona Advent calendar her mother had sent her.


Yum, this tablet of chocolate was delicious! It tasted much deeper and richer than its 66% cacao would suggest. There was deep chocolatey flavor that almost like fudge. It was even a little creamy. I would try this again in a heartbeat!

Thanks Cathy!